Goose Is ON The Loose


Thank you for the kind words on this all stash baby quilt.  I love this top and will be sad to see it go to it’s new home.  Deep in my stash was a Michael Miller animal print that I had a half yard left of.  Considering mom is a vet tech, it’s a great fit.


For the quilting I went simple horizontal lines to contrast the vertical columns.  Plus, it looks extra crinkly once it’s washed.


The bolt of corn yellow Kona I have is slowly dwindling down, but there are many more yards to go.  Maybe yellow will be my binding of choice for 2017.  Ha!


Did you have a chance to look at the tutorial I shared?  Easy peezy with those instructions.  If you haven’t, it’s below.


PS…there is another version coming of this quilt with more all stash fabrics and an update on the dwindling fabric budget.

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Quilting is more fun than Housework
Quilting is more fun than Housework


September Fabric Budget


The fabric budget is in trouble.  $14.61 left until I sell some quilts.  As you may recall the Icy Waters quilt used this much of my budget.


Ouch.  I almost cried at the checkout.  That is with me using three fabrics in my own stash.  However, I do have a good amount of fabrics left over that I can piece the back.

Also last month I picked up some fabric for the Michael Miller Challenge for Quilt Con 2017.

Guilt fabric almost ruined my precious budget.

In all transparency I did purchase another yard of fabric for some upcoming boy quilts.  I wasn’t going to add this to the fabric budget at first.  It was bought more of a sympathy yard from a store that I popped into.  I felt bad walking around for a bit in this quilt store and not buying something.  Ugh, a guilt yard was bought.

Have you bought fabric out of guilt??

There it is…$14.61 left until I sell some quilts.  I can do this and make it work, I have two more months. 


Icy Waters Workshop

Icy Waters has been a quilt on my to-do list and I recommend adding it to yours.  Amy Garro of 13 Spools created and wrote the Icy Waters pattern as part of her Paper Pieced Modern book.  Reasons you should make this quilt:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Take your paper piecing to the next level
  • OMBRE!

Amy offered a workshop to the IMQG over the weekend.  I’m so glad I signed up to take the class from her.  She had extra tips and techniques not in the book.  If she ever hosts a workshop near you, take it.  Don’t hesitate because she is a wonderful teacher.

paper pieced modern book

I did have to buy fabric for this quilt and it put a huge dent in the fabric budget.  I saved myself some money with the solids I had on hand.  Thank you to the wonderful staff at Quilts Plus that let me pull 20 bolts before completely changing direction.

Hubby questioned why you take a class when you have been quilting for years.  While I rarely take classes in person or online, this is one that I needed the extra help.  That first block is a doozy.

first block completed
first block completed

After a few deep breaths I started and slowly began to piece.  With each piece I was a bit nervous I was going to screw up big time.  Extra copies of the pattern were brought along just in case of countless errors.

During the workshop I was able to complete 6 blocks.  Maybe this week I can get some more time to work on blocks.

icy waters quilt work in progress

Amy went over some quilting options for the finished quilt.  Her options were with a walking foot and free motion quilting.  Guess which one I may choose?

Caption this...
Caption this…

**Yes, I know Amy in real life.  These are completely my own statements.**

August Fabric Budget

It’s been pretty quite here on the blog this month.  More is coming, but this has been a hectic month.  The old fabric budget is still on track.  Drum roll…

August fabric budget

Just two scrap packs bought for the month.  Yes, I did have a major destash a couple of weeks ago.  That money didn’t go to the fabric budget, it went towards some other stuff.  I really didn’t need to pad my original $100 budget.  There are still lots of fabrics on IG under #thegreatfabricdestash and #greatfabricdestash.

My main sewing machine was in the shop this month.  That really slowed down the projects I was able to work on.  Instead, we got out and enjoyed all the wonderful things happening around Indianapolis.  The Indiana State Fair happens blocks from my house.  We picked a night of pouring rain to visit.  An indoor putt putt option kept us dry, mostly.

putt putt at the state fair

Wine tastings for a friend’s birthday made for a lovely Saturday.

wine tanks

My #quiltsforpulse quilts are still waiting to be quilted.  Knowing how I operate with deadlines, I will probably quilt this over the weekend and get it mailed on the last day to mail.  I don’t consider that slacking, rather I operate well under deadlines.

quilts for pulse

The neighborhood I grew up in has been undergoing some revitalization.  Lovely large older homes line wide streets and have a rich history within Indianapolis.  Over the years people and businesses moved out of the area and it went downhill quickly.  Some of my best and worst childhood memories happened in our home on the Eastside.  With the area changing my parents moved me to the suburbs.  What’s interesting is watching people my age moving back in, renovating the homes, and raising their families where I grew up.  A wonderful festival happens every year and this was just a snapshot from it.

feast of lanterns

Most of August was full of shenanigans with Pdawg.  A good subtitle for August could be Pdawg and The Parks.  Sounds like a pretty cool band name.


He was just being himself.

Destashing and it feels…

Amazing.  I honestly thought I would dread parting with some of my favorite fabrics.  About a month ago I opened the cabinet I keep some of my favorite fabrics in.  Can you believe I felt anxiety?  I shouldn’t feel this way about things I cherish.

I’ve been thinking about a destash and what that could mean.  Sure, I may not be able to make a quilt using all Lotta Jansdotter fabrics like I really wanted.  However, if I really wanted to make one, I would have already.

lotta jansdotter follie fat quarter bundle

Here’s what a destash means for me moving forward:

  • I am cultivating a collection of fabrics that inspire me.
  • With less fabrics the burdens of a to do list may not be there.
  • Continued use of what I have.
  • Focusing on buying what I need or will use for a project.

The destash money is not going towards my $100 fabric budget.  It’s going towards our savings account.

half moon modern charm packs

More fabrics to be sold off soon enough.  My dining room table is still covered and barely a dent has been made.

I feel a little like Elsa, Let It Go!


July Fabric Update

July fabric budget

Still on track.  Just some solids and scraps were purchased this month.  Insert random happy dance here.


While I didn’t post much this month there were things happening.  There are some quilts to share once we are back from vacation.

We wrap up vacation later this week.  It’s been fun watching P learn new things, develop friendships, and explore with us.   The campus of UVA is lovely and full of history.  Loved walking around and seeing the architecture that has remained after almost 200 years.

exploring UVA campus


We explored around home too.  Lots of great events happening this summer around Indy.  P still loves to say, “Hello Ducks!” every time we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

hello ducks

If I wasn’t working on a commissioned quilt, I was trying to finish up some blocks for the IMQG charity quilt.  Since Katie and I were going on TV to talk about our upcoming show, we wanted some blocks to be able to sew on air too.  While the modified log cabin block is easy to make, it takes a while to prep for each step.

Did you see Katie and I on TV?  Hubby said I looked mad.  I was super nervous to have the camera on me, but I think I did pretty well.  Link to the video is here.