Icy Waters Workshop

Icy Waters has been a quilt on my to-do list and I recommend adding it to yours.  Amy Garro of 13 Spools created and wrote the Icy Waters pattern as part of her Paper Pieced Modern book.  Reasons you should make this quilt:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Take your paper piecing to the next level
  • OMBRE!

Amy offered a workshop to the IMQG over the weekend.  I’m so glad I signed up to take the class from her.  She had extra tips and techniques not in the book.  If she ever hosts a workshop near you, take it.  Don’t hesitate because she is a wonderful teacher.

paper pieced modern book

I did have to buy fabric for this quilt and it put a huge dent in the fabric budget.  I saved myself some money with the solids I had on hand.  Thank you to the wonderful staff at Quilts Plus that let me pull 20 bolts before completely changing direction.

Hubby questioned why you take a class when you have been quilting for years.  While I rarely take classes in person or online, this is one that I needed the extra help.  That first block is a doozy.

first block completed
first block completed

After a few deep breaths I started and slowly began to piece.  With each piece I was a bit nervous I was going to screw up big time.  Extra copies of the pattern were brought along just in case of countless errors.

During the workshop I was able to complete 6 blocks.  Maybe this week I can get some more time to work on blocks.

icy waters quilt work in progress

Amy went over some quilting options for the finished quilt.  Her options were with a walking foot and free motion quilting.  Guess which one I may choose?

Caption this...
Caption this…

**Yes, I know Amy in real life.  These are completely my own statements.**