Inspiration Comes in Many Shapes

Have you seen the new Michael Miller Luxe fabrics?  I had not really looked until someone from my guild reminded me I had signed up for the Michael Miller Quiltcon Challenge.  I’m loving the color combination of gray, aqua, navy, and coral.  This has been on my color inspiration board for a while.


The first design concept that came to mind was remaking my State Fair Challenge quilt from 2013. The colors would provide a nice contrast, allowing the coral and aqua to be a focal point. After designing it out with Porter’s crayons, it didn’t feel right. I set the design aside and contemplated if it was working. Keeping that design would have felt forced and taken the fun out of creating. Plus, it would have obliterated my tiny fabric budget left after the Icy Waters Workshop. Scrap the idea for another time.

What is going to be the design on this quilt? A deadline of November 30th is looming.

While on a walk this week an idea came to mind. Honestly, I have to thank Neil Degrasse Tyson and Chris Hardwick for their conversation on The Nerdist. A candid discussion on pop culture, space, and astrophysics somehow inspired me.  I opened Evernote and quickly started jotting down my ideas so I wouldn’t forget.  Good thing too, a gnarly wreck happened in front of me on last leg of my walk and I was pretty distracted after.

If you have a been a reader for a while on the blog you should not be surprised that the shape that inspired me is a…..




That’s all I can say for now.  Planning is currently underway and now it’s time to start the quilt math.  Excuse me while I grab a bottle of wine to make this less painful.