Quack! Quack! The Attack of the Flying Geese

Flying geese is such a staple in quilt blocks.  Why have a I waited so long to really make them?  Cutting odd sizes like 7/8″ or 3/8″ drives me insane.  The thought of making a large amount of flying geese was the obscure size squares I would have to cut makes me cringe.

I’m not alone I’m finding.  Lots of great tutorials on Pinterest to help with no waste flying geese.  Take your pick of one.  I was able to find one that is my style.  The tutorial is based on using charm squares and a squares that don’t encourage me to throw my ruler across the room.

Save the pin if you like the tutorial.


Since the fabric budget is at an all time low right now, I dug deep into my scraps and stash.


Not a bad selection of colors of for a boy quilt.  Cutting was either a 5″ square or 2.75″ square.  That’s the kind of quilt math I enjoy.


Chain piecing was so nice to work through.  It was kind of therapeutic to hear that hum and watch the progress of these blocks.  I did have to go back and make some more to complete a baby quilt top.


The blocks look like little hearts before the next step.

For the design of the top, I knew I wanted all the geese to fly in the same direction.  Maybe in the next one I will play around with more movement.  The dad of this baby is in construction.  Having the geese like little towers is in recognition of that.  The mom is a vet tech and there are some small animal touches added to the quilt.


I adore the completed top.  Maybe it’s the fumes from all the starch I had to use.  There are many many seams on the back that did not want to cooperate with pressing.

There should be time this week to quilt.  I’m leaving for a girl’s weekend and want to bind on the drive.