Memories and Quilts

Do you have a quilt that brings back lots of memories?  Yesterday my childhood came right back to me when I saw this quilt.


My aunt passed away after a long battle with cancer.  My cousin was joking, but not really, that if Heaven wasn’t in tip top shape, well then Polly was there to handle that now.  She was a great woman with lots of love and energy.

The quilt above was hand pieced and hand quilted by my great grandmother Lora, suck a lovely name.  She was a quilter and I have a number of her blocks put away to use in a project one day.



My grandma Roberts had this quilt on her back bedroom bed for years.  My dress up clothes, record player, and most of my stuff as a kid was in this room.  I remember tracing my fingers around the different colors and following their patterns.

My great grandmother died in the late 70’s. We are really unsure how old the quilt actually is.

When grandma downsized into an apartment the quilt became more of a decoration in her living room.  It has some sun damage in the middle, but the quilt is in amazing shape.  In 2010 my grandma moved into a nursing home full time and the wonderful quilt went to live with my aunt.

It’s been five years since I have seen the quilt.  When I walked into my aunt’s home yesterday there it was to greet me.  It hung on the quilt rack, just the way I remember it.  Instantly I was drawn to it and ran my fingers over the quilt.  So many memories and flashbacks.

Fingers crossed this quilt can come live with me when my uncle decides what he will do next.

Do you have a quilt that has been handed down?