Neptune Quilt – WIP

The hoarding of fabric has to stop at my house.  How long can I hold on to the Tula Pink Neptune I have left?  Probably forever, but what does that get me?  This tub holds my Neptune and Echo.

neptune and echo Last week while reading Karri’s post on The Great Fabric Debacle I had an AH-HA moment.  I can use my Neptune fabric and it will be okay.  It’s out of print but I have really enjoyed it and now it’s time for it to see a new home.  I’m not going to sell what I have at a high mark up, that’s absurd to me.

Let’s make one last quilt from what I have left.  Prepare yourself people, I’m going to cut into it.

neptune charms Now that your heart is racing and you’re nervous for me, or angry, I cut into it yesterday.  Yesterday was awful with work and I needed a quick distraction to get me back in a good mood.  When I bought this fabric, it made me happy, it was something I adored.  Nothing wrong with cheering myself up with something I adore.  Plus cutting into fabric is way better than drowning my sorrows in chocolate.

This quilt is my inspiration for what I want to do with my Neptune.

Photo via Flickr – Heather of A La Mode Fabric

It’s a simple design and layout but I like all the negative space.  Instead of white I’m going to use two different shades of gray, all scraps.  My squares will be 2.5″, so the quilt will probably be a baby quilt.

neptune charms 1 So far it hasn’t been painful to really put this fabric to use.  Giving it away may be another story.  I may consider destashing my scraps.

neptune layoutIs there a fabric line you are hoarding?

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