Disaster of a Quilt

It’s time to take a break from custom quilts.  I had to be naive to think I would have tons of free time with a newborn.  Today was the first time in weeks I had a chance to blow dry my hair versus the messy bun I have been rocking for two months.

When I start to sew and Pdog enjoys time on his activity mat, this happens.

Crying fit
Crying fit

This week I completed a monkey quilt for my coworker.  She wanted a quilt to be something like this.  There were still scraps left over from my two previous scrap quilts.  Here is what the quilt top looked like.

scrap monkey quilt (2)

That’s until I put it in the washer.  I always wash my quilts before they go to the recipient to make sure there are no issues.  This is my first quilt with issues, let’s just say more than issues.  I think disaster is more fitting for this quilt.

scrap monkey quilt (1)

I really thought just stitching the brown flannel monkeys down would hold it.  The fraying is ridiculous and not sure how I can really correct it.  No fusible interface or zig zag stitch.  Just a regular stitch.  This is a rookie mistake.

My thoughts on the quilt…

sad face

I wasn’t going to write about this disaster, but let’s be honest we all have one or two quilts that are a bust.  Are you willing to share yours?  I’d love to know I’m not alone in my sewing disaster.