Nursing Pad Tutorial – Scrap Project

As I was sorting through my fabric I found a number of vintage sheet fat quarters that I hadn’t used.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them but set them out just in case something struck me.  With the small humans due date approaching I thought why not make some nursing pads for myself.

vintage sheet fat quarters

Any fabric will work, especially scrap pieces.  I chose the vintage sheets due to their softness and patterns.  Didn’t have a specific project in mind and a good way to put them to use.

Not only did I have many fabric scraps, I had many pieces of Warm & Natural cotton batting from making potholders and quilts.


  • Fabric scraps or fat quarters work great
  • Circle template ( I used this one in my set of circles)
  • Batting scraps
  • Fabric marker

Using the fabric marker I traced as many circles as I could onto a fat quarter and my batting scraps.  I then cut out each circle.

Note that you can see the pink marker on my items.  Since I am making them for myself I wasn’t worried about it.  If I was making for someone else, I would have used disappearing ink.

First set I put right sides of the fabric together with the batting on the outside.  Sewn together and left a spot to turn circle.  Way too bulky for practical use.

Instead I went with batting together and left the raw edge of the fabric and batting.  Use a 1/4″ straight stitch all around the outside of the pad.  Go back over with a zig zag stitch to help prevent fraying.

They wash and wear very easily.  If you know an expectant mother that plans to breastfeed, this may be a handy gift for them.