Madrona Road Challenge Completion

Many months ago the Modern Quilt Guild issued the Madrona Road Challenge.  I had my inspiration as I noted here.  A number of ideas went through my head then one Saturday morning it came to me.

Hubby and I are a little obsessed with Zillow.  We love being in neighborhoods and guessing the listing price of homes in the area.  We also watch way too many episode of House Hunters on HGTV.  Over the last couple of years we have gotten pretty good at estimating home prices and come within about 5-10k most of the time.  This is one of our favorite neighborhoods near where we used to live in Florida.

zillow st augustine

So here is my inspiration…Zillow overhead shot of a neighborhood.  I took the fat quarters and cut long strips.  Then randomly sewed then back together.  Added solids in white, black and the yellow was in my FQ bundle.  Kona Ash was added as streets to complete the neighborhood look.

Madrona Road Challenge Quilt

Madrona Road Quilt Challenge

Looking at it further away you can kinda see the Zillow inspiration.  For quilting I went horizontal lines in the “lots” then vertical lines on the “streets”.

The border is pieced from the left over strips.  I like the look of the random border, showcases all of the fabrics used in the quilt.  random pieced binding

This could be a good gender neutral quilt for one of the 10+ people I know having babies later this year.