Sport Lycra Headband from Spoonflower


Spoonflower recently offered a free 8″ x 8″ swatch of their sport lycra.  While I won’t be making bathing suits with it I did want to create a new workout headband.  In honor of #sweatnsew I thought I would pick something with a sewing theme.

There isn’t a lot of purple in my workout gear, but I’m not a matchy matchy person for workout clothes.



Fabric is called Pins & Needles from robyriker on Spoonflower.  I went for an easy headband and used an infinity scarf technique.  Cut the 8×8 square in half.  Sew the two ends together so you have a strip that is 4×15 ish.  Sew a tube right sides together.



Turn the tube inside out.  Normally after this I would try to make my seam on the inside of the tube by leaving just a small opening that I hand stitch.  However, this tube is small so making the seam go to the inside is possible, but I was being lazy and just sewed the ends together.  I added a zig zag stitch to help secure it.  I doubt anyone is going to be examining the headband so I just need it functional.

It’s a little tight which is good for my fine hair.  Most sport headbands don’t stay on my head so I opt for a hat.  Maybe a fat quarter would be better for making headbands, making it just a tad longer.



I’m going for a run this morning and will give it a try out in the wild.  It did okay at home yesterday without me moving around too much.

It was great to just whip up a project and put it to use.