WIP Wednesday

Simple Charm Quilt

It feels great to be back into our routine after two wonderful weeks in NY.  There are lots of projects I want to tackle this fall.  P went to stay with my parents over the weekend and we decided to try somewhere new for dinner.  We were enjoying dinner when I got a text.  It was vague and I had a bad gut feeling about it.  (Writing about it is sending emotions through me.)

The text was bad, a phone call later followed it up with more details.  Honestly I preferred seeing it by text to give me a few minutes to gather my thoughts.  Someone we know suffered a major loss and that’s all I will say.  They have asked for privacy and I respect that fully.

As a quilter my first instinct is to make something to help comfort them.  I want to do something other than a card.  There is a cabinet in my sewing storage space for my special fabrics.  Collections, charm packs, Lotta fabrics, etc that I want put away for just the right project.  Inside was a big stack of Kate Spain charms from a swap a couple of years ago.

Kate Spain Charm Pack

I’m making just a simple lap quilt to send their way.  The quilt measures 9 x 12 5 inch charms.  I created two piles of charms and picked one from each for the first 12.  After that I just starting grabbing from either pile to add.  Had hoped for 10 wide, but their weren’t enough.

Kate Spain Comfort Quilt

Tonight I plan to baste and start quilting tomorrow morning.  Quilting will be simple straight lines possibly in gray thread.  With all the orange, blue, and purple colors I think the gray can kind of tone down the brightness.  I love seeing all of these together.  Hate the reason I’m making it.

It won’t reverse what happened, but hopefully can provide some comfort, warmth, and hugs as they move forward.

The finished quilt can be found here.