Charming Plus QAL : Piecing the Top

Wow, am I few days behind.  Sorry everyone.  My schedule and work situation took a hit last week.  I had to be in the office for three days, taking away time at home to be productive on laundry, cleaning, and of course sewing.  I have been able to get the two tops finished.

Scraps Version



Bundle Version


Backing fabric is picked out and almost ready for both.


How is your version coming along?  Have you been following #charmingplusqal on Instagram?

Charming plus quilt top is done! #charmingplusqal

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Someone has even finished one completely.  Wow!  Keep going.

Deadline for entry in the grand prize is 12/15/2016 to get at least a top finished. Submit a finished quilt to be entered in the $100 gift card giveaway to Stitch Stash Diva.

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