My Charming Plus Finished Quilts

If you’re having a bad day or need to see some amazing colors, take a look at the #charmingplusquilt and #charmingplusqal tags.  Those that participated created delightful versions of the quilt.  Go check it out when you have a chance.

Scrappy Version

Can I be bias for a minute?  This is one of my favorite versions of this quilt so far.  These are my colors.  Go look in my closet, most of my clothes are in range of this palette.  Best part is that I had forgotten about this scrap stash I found hiding in a box.  It’s the perfect baby size and is available for a new home.  It’s available on Etsy.

I pondered what to back this quilt in and remembered there was an Amy Butler gray print in my destash box.  It was the perfect size and really compliments the front.

Kona Navy makes for a binding that coordinates well with all the colors.  Quick and easy straight line quilting and machine binding.

Bundle Version

At first I was scared to dig into this bundle and put it to use.  However, it feels good to have finished something with the bundle and know it’s waiting for a new home.  Update 8/4/17:  This quilt has moved on to it’s new home.

The backing on this version was a bit tougher to select.  I almost went with the golden yellow, but couldn’t find the right shade.   Crimson Tate had this Follie print in stock and enough to piece a back.

In my stash was less than a fat quarter of the black and gray dots.  Seriously, when I was adding the binding the last bit had just enough to make a seam.  Cut that one close :).


Having made this quilt a number of times I’m digging the 3″ square size for blocks.  I have some 1.5″ squares in my scraps.  Wonder what they would look like in this quilt?  Or mixed together with larger squares?  Guess that means I will be making more in the future.

Charming Plus QAL : Finished Tops

Thanks for sewing along and creating with my Charming Plus Tutorial.  Can’t wait to see your version.

If you have completed a top ( or a quilt not quite done) and submitted by December 16th at 11:59pm EST, then you are eligible for the remaining scrap pack from Crimson Tate.  Winner announced on December 17th.

Please link to a blog post or Instagram post in the comments to enter.

Allison from SuburbanApple
Allison from SuburbanApple

Charming Plus QAL

Charming Plus QAL Finished Quilts

Charming Plus QAL : Finished Quilts

Thank you everyone that has played along and created a wonderful finished quilt.  If you’re looking for the one for Tops click here.

In order to be considered for the Grand Prize, $100 gift card to StitchStashDiva, please link to your finished quilt via blog, Instagram, or Facebook in the comments.  If you wish to email a photo to quiltytherapy @ gmail .com.  By submitting a photo or link I will upload to this page for everyone to see and may share of social media.  Deadline is 11:59pm EST on December 16th to submit your entry.

Nann from With Strings Attched
Nann from With Strings Attched


Shannon with The Fleming's Nine
Shannon with The Fleming’s Nine


Mary with Quilting Is In My Blood
Mary with Quilting Is In My Blood


Cynthia with QuiltingIsMoreThanHousework
Cynthia with QuiltingIsMoreThanHousework


Andrea from HappyCloudCreations
Andrea from HappyCloudCreations
Katie with Best of Life


Erika with quiltsanity
Erika with quiltsanity – WINNER


Mina from kindaquilty
Mina from kindaquilty


My version, not in the contest
My version, not in the contest


Charming Plus QAL details

Charming Plus QAL : Piecing the Top

Wow, am I few days behind.  Sorry everyone.  My schedule and work situation took a hit last week.  I had to be in the office for three days, taking away time at home to be productive on laundry, cleaning, and of course sewing.  I have been able to get the two tops finished.

Scraps Version



Bundle Version


Backing fabric is picked out and almost ready for both.


How is your version coming along?  Have you been following #charmingplusqal on Instagram?

Charming plus quilt top is done! #charmingplusqal

A photo posted by Shannon (@theflemings9) on

Someone has even finished one completely.  Wow!  Keep going.

Deadline for entry in the grand prize is 12/15/2016 to get at least a top finished. Submit a finished quilt to be entered in the $100 gift card giveaway to Stitch Stash Diva.

Quilt A Long Info!


Charming Plus QAL : Piecing The Blocks


Welcome back to the QAL.  How are things going with fabric cutting and sorting?  Let’s tackle the block piecing.  I will say it again I love to chain piece and basically create an assembly line while working.  As a mom, I only have so much time.

If you don’t like my method, that’s okay.  Do what is best for you.  I want you to enjoy the process of making and creating this quilt.


I took my squares and made them into stacks.  It lets me play around with the contrast and determine if I need to change something.


An epic piecing session happened this week brought to you by coffee and Netflix.  I dug deep and went to some cheesy romance moves.  Started with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days then progressed to Top Gun.   The hum of the machine did not drown out Highway to the Danger Zone.

I aced piecing my blocks and moved on to pressing.  Check Instagram or Facebook this week to see some the finished blocks.

UPDATE 11/2/16

Scrappy Version


Bundle Version


QAL Links

Cutting the Fabrics

Picking Out the Fabrics


Charming Plus QAL : Cutting Fabrics


There are some wonderful fabric pulls happening for the QAL.  Here are a couple from Instagram this week.



You can use just about any size squares to make these blocks.  I recommend no bigger than 4″ as I have mentioned before.  This is how a baby quilt looks with 5″ squares.  It loses some effect I really wanted.  Wonder how it will look with a bigger quilt?

5" squares
5″ squares

Bundle Version

If you are cutting fat quarters, you will need more strips, more like 3-4 strips to avoid cutting more later.  I cut my bundle on the 18″ length so I could get the most of my fabric.  My squares are cut 3″.


lots of strips
lots of strips


Ready to go!
Ready to go!

Scraps Version

All of my squares for the scrap version are cut to 2.5″.



Alternate Option

Erika is working through her scraps to make this quilt.  We chatted at the Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting this Sunday.  If you want to save a step you can cut a 2.5 ” x 6.5″ strip for the middle.  See the picture below.  I rarely keep strips of fabric and just cut everything into squares when making scraps, hence the three square middle.

charming plus alternate

Next Steps

Once you have everything cut, it’s time to pair up fabrics to make the nine patch.  I love sewing in batches and operate the piecing in assembly line fashion.  To make that work, I lay each block out to make sure it’s the right look and keep stacking them on top of each other.  This cutting board is ready to place next to the machine and make chain piecing EASY.


It’s a been a rainy week here in Indy, sorry the photos are not the best light.  Rainy overcast days are not helpful for pictures in the sewing room.

Questions?  Concerns?  Comment below and I will respond.


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