Quick Update

June is a very busy month for the Nagel household.  In the chaos of day to day I haven’t been able to really create much.

Not sure if you’re aware but I also have another little side thing I do.  Growler Girls.  We make insulated bags to help keep your craft beer cold.  I’ve found a way to combine my love of beer and sewing into something great.  Plus Indianapolis has a vibrant and thriving craft beer following.

insulated growler bagWe participated in the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange last weekend.  We had been in full prep mode for that.  What time I had for sewing was spent on growler bags and market totes.

Finally, this is my husband’s big work event month.  All of his efforts for the last 11 months come together this Saturday.  He runs the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure for Indiana.  You get to ride around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on your bike.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’m so proud of all the hard work he does to make this a great event.

tour de cure 2 tour de cure 1There are lots of good things in the works for July and the rest of summer.  Can’t wait to share everything going on behind the scenes.