Handmade Baby Quilts are the Best Gifts

scrappy green baby quilt

Every baby needs a handmade quilt!  I have been off my game a bit with gifting baby quilts, but I was able to pull one off recently.  A long time friend is having a baby soon and I wanted to create her a cute quilt for her first baby.

While I haven’t been writing much here, I have been very active in the sewing room and life.  About two weeks before the shower I realized the date was rapidly approaching, but had a couple of commissions to get complete.  Luckily another quilter, who is local, was doing a destash.  She had a baby quilt top that would be perfect.  I was able to press, quilt, and bind this quilt in a couple of hours.  Still handmade right?

scrappy green baby quilt

I had picked up the backing during a sale at Crimson Tate a few months ago.  This odd shade of green goes well with the front.

Recognize the binding?  It’s leftover from my Rockstar quilt from last year.  The light gray print was nice compliment.

I have a story to share about the presentation of the gift.  I had this adorable plan and had bought everything, then I spilled coffee on EVERYTHING!  Well not the quilt, but everything else.  I wept and said some bad words.  So my gift went to the shower like this.

Coffee stains and all.  Nothing says motherhood than embracing what you’ve been dealt and making the best of it.  It’s a design element, right? At first I felt awful that it wasn’t picture perfect.  Then I realized it won’t matter in the end.  All was well and she loved the quilt.

During her shower we had a visitor from a local celebrity.  Trip, the Butler University mascot, stopped by to stay hi and for photos.  Isn’t he adorable?

We were able to grab one more photo at the shower.  I have known all of these ladies since high school.  Everyone but me is pregnant and due within a few weeks of each other.  They look amazing!!

If you have a baby due in your life and you want to discuss a custom baby quilt, click here.  I would love to help you have a handmade baby quilt to give at a shower, a sprinkle, or even after delivery.

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