Favorite Things From The Week

Links to my favorite bits of news this week.

Sewing & Quilting

  • If your to-make Christmas list isn’t long enough, add some of these to your list.
  • Need more time to sew?  Maybe this post will help.
  • Thank you Ashley for your honesty about this quilt.  It’s not her favorite but she finished it anyway.  Do you have any projects like this laying around?
  • Quilting is pretty sedentary.  Help your spine and mobility with this 20 minute yoga video.  My back was in a giant knot earlier this week with grown up job meetings and trying to finish some sewing.  It really helped release my back.  Try it.


  • I’ve been reading more about blogging and found White Oak Creative.  It’s been nice reading how others blog outside of just sewing & quilting.
  • Maybe you don’t have an Etsy shop but this article is great for makers as we enter into the Holiday season.  Practice saying no.  It’s hard when a friend REALLY wants something for a loved one, but you need time to enjoy the holidays too.  Trust me, it’s awkward to say no, but stick to your guns and enjoy your holiday season.

General Awesomeness

My Blog Posts This Week

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