Sewing Goals for 2015

I have to say that 2014 was a great year.  Some of my favorite quilts were created and one actually stayed here with me.  I spent most of yesterday buried underneath it in the attempt of feeling better.  Stupid being sick.  I felt so bad I didn’t even touch my sewing machine.  Yep, that’s how I gauge my sickness level.

rainbow charm quilt2015 could be an even more interesting year.  Growler Girls is really picking up, leaving less time for me to really sew for myself or others.  Balance, must work on balance this year.  That is my first goal.

To help with balance I have actually started a blog calendar to help keep me on track and able to move things around if I need to.  Plus it’s a great place to jot down all the ideas I want to see come together.

On that calendar is one scrap project per month.  This hoard of scraps needs to dwindle down this year.  I’m embarrassed to show these since I have bins to help me organize my scraps.  scraps 1-5-15

Throughout 2015 I hold to also finish the growing WIP stash that I have.  Each month I will post just how many I have left in an effort to keep myself accountable.  Some I probably just need to scrap and put the fabric back in my stash.

Speaking of stash, I really want to use up what’s in my stash this year.  Since I don’t really have time to sew for others, the fabric budget is going to be tight this year.  I should use what I have.  #sewmystash2015

One goal isn’t quite solidified yet since I’m really torn about the issue.  My Etsy shop over the last couple of years has helped fund my other sewing endeavors.  With Growler Girls picking up, less time to sew, and just really wanting balance in life, I’m not sure what to do with all my potholder stuff.  Pretty sure there are 100 plus sets almost ready to be whipped up.

Would you continue to work on the smaller potholders or focus your time on quilts?  I don’t think there is a best answer right now.  Maybe a giant Mother’s Day Sale or something is what I have in mind to help clear out the potholders.  Still not sure on that yet.

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  1. Still waiting on a pattern for that lovely rainbow quilt. ;-). In all seriousness, I’d say if other projects are taking off and pot holders are just a chore now you should focus on the other projects. No one wants their love of sewing to become only a chore. 🙂

    1. I agree. It’s just hard to let go of some things but I need to in order to have BALANCE.

  2. i recommend breaking down your goals. Make it specific and sometimes it’s easier to reach goals.

    I agree with Darcie if Pot holders aren’t fun stop doing it.

    1. I’m trying to do more monthly goals that are pretty specific, see my post from today. Having a calendar is helping too, it’s giving me time frames. I just have to learn to let go of things and get back to having fun with sewing. Not that potholders weren’t fun, but there is so much other good stuff going on.

  3. OMG! I am the same way, if I dont sew for a day, I am NOT feeling good! I am with you there!

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