Icy Waters Quilt Top…Almost Finished

I say almost for one reason.  There is one more row to add based on the pattern.  However, I like the quilt just the way it is.  I think more dark gray will change the look.  When I pulled the fabrics I liked the idea.  Now I want the quilt to be a bit softer in the gradient of color.

Would you add the row or just leave it?

Maybe I’m too lazy to continue?  That could be part of the challenge.  Paper piecing gives amazing results within a quilt, but is so much work.  You can’t chain piece with this method, or I haven’t figured out a practical way to do it yet.

I have pieced the backing and now I just need to baste this quilt.  Well PRESS the heck out of it with starch so it lays flat, then baste it.

While this quilt may look complex Amy makes it easy to create this wonderful piece.  She has a great selection of paper pieced patterns in her book, Paper Pieced Modern:  13 Stunning Quilts.  It’s a book that I recommend to any quilter to add to their collection.  The technique she teaches will help you with your paper piecing as well.

You can read about the workshop the IMQG hosted with Amy back in September in this post.  Basting this quilt is part of my March action items.  I’ve got this, now bring on the starch!


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5 Replies to “Icy Waters Quilt Top…Almost Finished”

  1. I really like the softness of it. I think if you’re happy with the size, you’re good to go. The pieced backing looks good too!

    1. Thanks Laura. It’s doesn’t really have a home yet so I think the size is good too.

  2. It’s your quilt Tisha and if you want to stop there, then that’s where you should stop – it is soft and pretty as is and you don’t want to force yourself to continue if your heart isn’t in it. I took Amy’s workshop a couple of years ago and I made the full quilt in the original colourway and I love it! Always great to see different colourways! Enjoy whichever way you decide to go!

    1. Thank you Peggy for your thoughts. I adore the original colorway, she’s great at picking them. Did you have a favorite part of the quilt?

  3. […] something new helps me at times too.  With my Icy Waters quilt, I wanted to quilt wavy lines in it.  The thought of quilting wavy lines has been paralyzing me […]

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