Spring Cleaning Sale

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I’ve been cleaning and organizing my sewing spaces.  Yes that’s right, spaces.  All the tools and stuff from the kitchen renovation took over the back space we had set up for sewing and fabric storage.

Earlier this year I mentioned I have lots of potholders ready to be made, but I need to just sit down and do them.  Well I finally got motivated.

Starting on Thursday, April 23rd at 1pm EST I’m having two big sales.

All of the fabric and scraps I’m destashing will be posted on Instagram only with #thegreatfabricdestash hashtag.  There is some good stuff that I will be posting.

All of the potholders, ovenmitts, ornaments and some whole cloth quilts I have ready or ready to make will be listed on my Facebook page.  Anything not already made will be made in 5 days or less and sent out via USPS to the US only.  I will be combining shipping if necessary.

Let the Spring Cleaning Sale begin.


PS I normally do a Christmas in July sale but won’t be able to do that this year.

Modern Log Cabin Baby Quilt

It’s been a long weird couple of weeks.  We had some family emergencies that took up some time.  We are fine and everyone is healthy.  It’s family drama I would rather not discuss publicly.  Rest assured all is good at our house.

Plus, I had a major project in the works.  The project could not be shared on social media because the recipient follows me.  It’s been nice to take some time off and focus on stuff.

Today was the shower and now I can finally share.  Did you know I’m awful at keeping secrets?  This has been torture.  So here it is.

modern log cabin baby quilt

Remember my scrap pack post for December?  This is what I had in mind.  The baby is a boy but I didn’t want something overly boy, more neutral.

The back is perfect for my amazing friend.  Cotton & Steel Mustangs, the rest is all scraps from my stash.  That cheetah is from Melissa’s quilt.  Bri LOVED the cheetah addition.

modern log cabin baby quilt

She is so dynamic and has varied interests.  She loves gardening, horses, writes wonderful poetry, and LOVES professional wrestling.  Her twitter feed blows up every Monday night while RAW is on.  Her tweets make for great entertainment for my Mondays.  Her shower was BABYMANIA and had this awesome cake.

WWE cake

I would say she is pretty happy with her new quilt.

modern log cabin quilt

The quilting is a little different for me.  It’s just squares and rectangles.  I tried circles in a free motion layout and that went to shit.  After ripping out many stitches I went to something different but not challenging.  My blue chalk from marking the circles decided it didn’t want to wash off the first time.  I grabbed some Shout and coated those lines and they came right out.  The quilt also got a sun bath for good measure.


This quilt makes me smile since it’s all scraps.  The top, batting, backing, and binding are all scraps.  They work so well together.

Can’t wait for Pdawg to have a new friend and explore the world with.   Bri will be an amazing mother and based on today’s shower, little man will be well dressed and warm.

modern log cabin baby quilt



Time off



Hi everyone.  We have had a couple of family emergencies this weekend and I need to take some time off.

I hope I squeeze in some time to sew and have some projects to share in the next couple of weeks.

Pdawg says get out, have fun, and enjoy some sunshine.

SOAK Nail Polish Review

The comments from my Fantasia Plus Quilt are great.  I found the perfect spot for pictures this weekend.  Now for something a little different.

I love a good nail polish and manicure, but I rarely have my nails done.  Between typing all day, sewing, and washing my hands, I am tough on nail polish and most stuff usually chips.  For my birthday received my first bottle of Soak nail polish as part of a sewing kit from Crimson Tate.

Prior to this bottle, there were 3 bottles of nail polish in my closet.  Here’s the color I received in my little kit.

soak nail polish.jpg
Color: Lizzy House Glacier


Here are my unsolicited thoughts on this polish.  I’m publishing this review on my own and did not receive any compensation for it.

It’s okay overall.  Okay isn’t a bad thing in my book, I like the polish.  As I stated above I rarely do my nails other than a clear coat.  It felt thick as I was brushing it on, making it a little hard to get an even look.  This user may also be terrible at painting her nails but their is no official confirmation.

The color is cute and very Springy.  The light blue is very different for me.  Typically the more natural or softer palette are colors I am drawn to.  Based on my own wear and tear the polish lasted around two days before it began to chip off.  This is a good amount of time for me.  Many times things chip within a few hours.  Maybe that is why I’m hesitant to paint my nails frequently.  I did not use a base or top coat on my nails with this application.

soak nail polish.jpg


Will I use it again?  Yes.  I would like to try some other colors of line.


Fantasia Plus Quilt

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fantasia plus quilt

I had a break through with the beautiful Fantasia fabric by Sara Lawson.  Hubby survived Jo-Anns and was able to get the batting I wanted.  This fabric really had me stumped since I wanted to really showcase the prints, see my previous post.

A plus quilt would be a great way show off the prints but have movement with the design too.  After a couple of beers I started to lay out this beauty on the batting.  The first couple of rows take some manipulation to figure out how to get started and not have too many squares just thrown in.  Three squares were randomly added to fill in spaces if needed.  I think that’s pretty good.

fantasia plus quilt layout

Our friends were over and helped with some feedback on the layout.  MORE unicorns were necessary.  I went in to add a few more and I’m very happy I did.  For the rest of the top I wanted to use solids.  I raided my solids on the bolt stash and had the option of these Kona colors:  Mint, Orchid, Silver, and a pink.  Mint won and I’m saving the pink for the binding.  I found the perfect vintage sheet to use on the back from my stash.

On Saturday and I was able to sneak in a few pictures of the completed top.

fantasia plus quilt


I’m loving the mint added to this collection.  I’m considering quilting it with a variegated pink, purple and orange thread.  I have some that I purchased years ago for an idea but never used.  Maybe it’s over the top, but worth a try to see if I like it.

The weather in Indy this weekend was gorgeous and we were able to get outside quite a bit.  Easter egg hunt, walks, Final Four festivities, and a Pacers game.  Big weekend and everyone survived.  Just a couple of meltdowns.


Give the kid a swing, he’s great.  Have him pose for a fun picture…disaster.

porter on a swing


We have rain most of this week so I’m guessing this quilt will get quilted.  I am very excited to finish this quilt.  I feel like Pdawg looks in the above photo, giddy, about the fabric.  This quilt already has a recipient, that person doesn’t know it yet.  I’m guessing they will love it just as much as I do.  That could be part of why I’m loving it too.


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