• 2016 Finishes
  • My Charming Plus Finished Quilts

    If you’re having a bad day or need to see some amazing colors, take a look at the #charmingplusquilt and #charmingplusqal tags.  Those that participated created delightful versions of the quilt.  Go check it out when you have a chance.

    Scrappy Version

    Can I be bias for a minute?  This is one of my favorite versions of this quilt so far.  These are my colors.  Go look in my closet, most of my clothes are in range of this palette.  Best part is that I had forgotten about this scrap stash I found hiding in a box.  It’s the perfect baby size and is available for a new home.  It will be posted on Etsy soon.

    I pondered what to back this quilt in and remembered there was an Amy Butler gray print in my destash box.  It was the perfect size and really compliments the front.

    Kona Navy makes for a binding that coordinates well with all the colors.  Quick and easy straight line quilting and machine binding.

    Bundle Version

    At first I was scared to dig into this bundle and put it to use.  However, it feels good to have finished something with the bundle and know it’s waiting for a new home.

    The backing on this version was a bit tougher to select.  I almost went with the golden yellow, but couldn’t find the right shade.   Crimson Tate had this Follie print in stock and enough to piece a back.

    In my stash was less than a fat quarter of the black and gray dots.  Seriously, when I was adding the binding the last bit had just enough to make a seam.  Cut that one close :).


    Having made this quilt a number of times I’m digging the 3″ square size for blocks.  I have some 1.5″ squares in my scraps.  Wonder what they would look like in this quilt?  Or mixed together with larger squares?  Guess that means I will be making more in the future.

  • 2016 Finishes
  • Flying Geese Baby Quilt

    This was one of my last projects in 2016.  The binding was finished on New Year’s Eve.  Since then I have been working on some items around the house and projects.  Plus, I really wanted to wait to show off this quilt after it had been gifted.

    More geese made from stash and scrap fabrics.  Ahhh….except

    There are a couple of OOPS .  Can you find them?

    It could have been the burn out from working on a bagillion geese blocks between the two quilts.  See the previous quilt here.  Maybe it was the fabrics that were “straightened up” on a random day.  I think it’s important to be honest note not every project is “perfect.”  I’m okay with that as a maker.  Honestly, you probably wouldn’t notice unless I mentioned it and you did zoom in on the above photo.

    The last 5-7 sets of geese on this quilt were just a creative roadblock.  In the end I love how it turned out.  For the backing I dug into my vintage sheet collection.    It’s a great selection especially if you knew the parents, they may be into sports.

    Orange solid binding was a great way to wrap up this quilt.  That is hand sewn binding on the back.  No machine binding this time.

    It’s now gone to our friends that are expecting a boy very soon.  I hope they use it and enjoy the quilt.

    Another Flying Geese quilt click here

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  • 2017…Year Of Growth

    2017 is going to be very different for my family.  Over the last few months I have been quietly looking for a new job.  Before Christmas break I accepted an offer for a new role within a new company.  No longer will be I be working from home in the comfort of my yoga pants.

    With that change I’m not sure how much time I will have to sew and create.  My goal is to stay within the leftover 2016 fabric budget.

    As I mentioned in my prior post, I’m hoping it encourages me to focus on using what I have.  I was aghast at my collection of fabrics, unfinished projects, and scraps.  In the post Christmas sales, there were many temptations and shopping carts filled.  However, pushing place order made me nervous, adding more fabric isn’t necessary.

    When it comes to creating there have been many ideas thrown around.  My phone is full of inspirational places and random things that sparked some creative ideas.  Hopefully, I’m able to create my own version of them in 2017.  Maybe some minis or or wall art options.

    Rather than setting a yearly fitness goal, I want to focus on something monthly.  For January I want to get 25 days with 10,000+ steps.  Not sure what each month will look like yet, but with each month I will update a fitness goal and fabric budget.

    I’m elated to focus on a fresh start, growth, and moving forward.

  • fabric budget
  • December Fabric Budget

    I did it!  I did it!  Honestly, when I set out with this crazy idea I didn’t know if I could meet it.  There have been outliers to the budget for various reasons during the year.

    After gift it some thought and reflection, I want to push forward with this and challenge myself again.  My friend Katie, brought up an idea to add another $100 for completing a year.  Then I went to clean up my sewing room.  I found more projects and fabric than I care to admit.  UGH!  There are some colors and small things missing that I would like to have.   I think the best bet for now is to move forward with the limited budget to keep my original intent in place.


    Clean sewing room?

    Should I be embarrassed that this is cleaned up?  Also what do you do with scrap batting?

    I can make this work and maybe will renew my focus.  My goals for 2017 are not solidified yet.  There are some details I need to work out before they can be shared.


    PS…I barely avoided the post holiday fabric sales

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  • Favorites of 2016

    I have taken many photos during 2016.   These are a few of my favorites, in no particular order.


    My friend Ryan making his first block ever for #quiltsforpulse


    The love of Star Wars is strong with this one.


    Scrappy Irish Chain baby quilt


    Boxing, the best workout ever


    Swings make everything better.


    Took a quilting workshop


    Flannel explosion quilt


    First carb day experience for P


    Dancing quarter square triangle quilt


    family vacation smiles


    Spooky Halloween wreath


    Tackled flying geese this year


    P standing at the Pacific Ocean


    Published my first quilt tutorial


    This face!!


    Overdyed a vintage quilt


    Swaggy P
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  • As I Turn…35

    You’re all stunned by my true age.  “You don’t look a day over 28.” “Oh wow, you look amazing.”  Stop it, you’re making me blush.  I’ve gotten carded more recently than in the last couple of years.

    Approaching 35 has given me some opportunities for reflection.  Not only do I look to the past, but the amazing future that lies ahead.

    wp-1481771955958.jpg wp-1481771947317.jpg me as a kid










    • I have amazing parents that support me no matter what and want only the best for me.
    • Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever tackled.baby p and boss
    • Motherhood is amazing.  Watching this small human grow and become himself.
    • Life is full of contradictory moments and that’s okay.
    • When I met my husband years ago, I saw something special in him.  He loves me despite my flaws.young rob and tisha
    • My husband is my biggest cheerleader.  I can’t thank him enough for all of his love and support.
    • To be at my best, I need alone time occasionally.
    • Get outside, look and listen to the world around you.  You may notice something great or have an Oprah moment.  My best inspiration and thoughts come during a run or long walk.fall in indianapolis
    • It’s okay to be yourself.  For a long time I’ve struggled with being who people want me to be.  That just creates internal conflict.  What you see/hear is what you get.  I am me.dancing at my wedding
    • I’m quirky, sometimes bitchy and loving.
    • Life hands you some unfortunate events that you either crumble or rise from.  I chose to rise from some dark days that I still remember.  The days and tears still haunt me years later.  Grief and sorrow are real.
    • It’s important to talk to people and really listen.  Our world today is consumed with social media and instant connections.  Challenge yourself to dig deeper.  Get to know someone and learn.  While I talk all day professionally I struggle with this personally.  I’m working to improve that.
    • Hug, smile at, hell kiss someone you love.  It will improve everyone’s mood.
    • I promise to put my truest self out there and try to make a difference.

    Now I’m going to go put on a sparkly dress and jam out to 90’s & 00’s hip hop.