Pink and Green Scrappy Baby Quilt

This summer I have been trying to really use the fabrics in my stash and scrap bins.  From bee and guild blocks all the way to baby quilts.  It’s refreshing to go back and see the fabrics used in different combinations.

I had a request for a pink and green baby quilt, possibly with bass guitars.  The pink and green fabrics were no problem.  The bass guitars were going to be a challenge. Here are some of the charms I pulled from my scrap bins.

pink scraps green scrapsI wanted something that looked scrappy but not disorganized.  So I did a random placement with white charm squares.  As I laid out the quilt I realized it needed something else.  I mixed in a few light blue charms too.  I think it worked well.

pink and green scrappy baby quilt 4With a quick pin paste it was ready for the machine.  I put 1 pin in each square.

pink and green scrappy baby quilt 3I found music note fabric at Jo-Anns.  It worked great, plus I found a pink guitar patch to add the name on the back.  The pieced scrappy back and pieced binding lined up perfectly at the bottom.  Yep, I’m pretty proud that it happened naturally and that it worked.

pink and green scrappy baby quilt 1The straight pink line quilting is a nice compliment to the front.

pink and green scrappy baby quilt 2I foresee a few more quilts like this to help bust through my scraps this fall.  What do you think?

10 Quilty Secrets

Amy’s post last week about her quilting secrets was a breath of fresh air.  I’m supposed to be working but instead I’m reading everyone’s little secrets.  They have made me laugh and say “I Agree!”  Plus I’m kinda ticked off at my internet company for having an outage and not being able to do my grown up job.

13 Spools

Thanks to my neighbor’s WiFi password I can vent my frustration on here.

1.  I iron and don’t press.  Many people have said this but I’m still really unsure what “pressing” is versus ironing.  Either way I’m still making the seams flat, right?

2.  T-shirt quilts really irk me.  I am currently working on two for almost two years and they suck my creative juices right out of me.  After these two I’m done with them.

3.  I love to buy a fat quarter bundle or charm packs of a fabric line.  That way I get a little of each and easy to store.  Yardage is usually for a specific project. Plus if I’m either way on a certain fabric, I’m only out like $10 instead of $75.

Many charm packs from 2013 that still aren't used.

Many charm packs from 2013 that still aren’t used.

4.  My friends, family, and fellow local quilters are my greatest cheerleaders.  Sometimes I would like a pat on the back from outside of my circle.  To put some good juju out there I’m trying to comment on more people’s blogs, IG, twitter, etc. You can’t say good job enough.

5.  The quilts I make are supposed to be loved and used.  Machine binding, edge to edge straight line quilting and the disappearing nine patch are my go to.  It’s generic but the people receiving it have no idea I’ve made 42 disappearing nine patch quilts before.

6.  I like reading about trends and seeing everyone’s work but I’m usually way behind on trends.  I’m too busy doing my own thing, not like a pattern or tutorial will just disappear.

7.  My scraps are getting to be out of control, but I’m too lazy to decide what to do with them.  I may just make some grab bags and put them on the blog.

There are at least 3 more bags like this.

There are at least 3 more bags like this.

8.  I love supporting local quilt shops and frequent many of them around Indy.  However one really ticked me off years ago and I refuse to go back.  I told the owner about the poor customer service I received and she brushed it off.

9.  Hubby is a huge and support help for me.  We talk about fabric, layouts and designers.  When we walk into a quilt store he usually asks, “Is this Moda?”  I ask for his feedback a lot and he has helped with some of my best projects.

10.  I love buying fabric online too.  Over the years I have found a few shops that I love to scour their discounted fabrics and find some good gems.  However, I will never reveal them.  I don’t want you snatching up all the good stuff because I’m a fabric hoarder.

PS I can’t explain myself in one sentence obviously :)

Share you quilting secrets and link up over at Amy’s blog.

New Living Room Pillows

A quick finish for this week to share.  With the kitchen renovation colors have really been discussed at our house.  I like neutrals with pops of color versus something really bold all at once.

floral and stripe handmade pillowFor our kitchen all of my counter top appliances are red, the mixer and toaster.  Most of my hand towels are red and we installed new pendant lights that are…you guessed it RED.  I will be sharing the kitchen soon, we still have a few things to finish.

I wanted to incorporate red into the living room since the space is more open now.  Pillows seemed like a great fit.  Easy to change out and just enough color. Plus, they only take a few hours to sew up.  These are 16″ x 16″ pillows to fit in both the chairs and couch comfortably.

throw pillows in chairs

Notice P’s quilt rolled up in the photo?

Of course I had to pick out the right fabrics and nothing in my stash would do.  A local store was having their annual fat quarter sale so I picked up a few of the floral print.  While at Jo-Anns I had seen a remnant of the red and white stripe so I threw it in my basket.  I love scouring the remnants for solids and interesting fabrics while I’m waiting for my number to be called.

throw pillows on couchThese look great on my couch in our lovely black and white chairs.  The blue in the floral print coordinates well with the light blue color of the couch.  Hubby gave them his seal of approval that they were comfortable.  The man loves pillows.

throw pillows in chairIf you are looking to create your own pillow forma, Crazy Mom Quilts has a useful tutorial here.  There is also an easy tutorial on creating the envelope pillow on her blog here.

Linking up with Finish It Up Friday back at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Thursday Treasury Feature

More red and gray.  Wonder why that is my go to color combination right now?  Check back tomorrow for a peek of how I’ve incorporated the colors into our living room.

For now enjoy this treasury.  Is there something that catches your attention?

‘Cool Summer Breeze~~’ by alidianne


Sterling Silver Cuff Bracele…


Original Watercolor Painting…


White red Necklace, heart Pe…


CIJ SALE Apricot Nectar Lamp…


Swirl lentil beads in black,…


Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jew…


Needlepoint Scissor Fob, Red…


Jasper Necklace Metalwork Je…


Grey Red Plaid Pillows, 18, …


grey silk scarf – Dolche pri…


OSU Scarlet and Grey Hair Bo…


Gray and red bracelet. Red …


Train, Subway, Bridge, Willi…


Grey red dish drying mat Cot…


Silver Heart Necklace, Flora…


clock wall clocks in red whi…


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Wedding Quilt Part 1


Oh my husband has grand ideas.  Ready to hear his wacky idea for a quilt?  Brace yourself…Chicago Bears and Hello Kitty.

The quilt is for his lifelong friend as a wedding present.  Their wedding was in October and I have been putting off creating this quilt.

Alcohol induced terrible duck face selfie.

Alcohol induced terrible duck face selfie.

He wanted me to make them a quilt again with Chicago Bears and Hello Kitty. The bride does love her Hello Kitty, see the ice luge below.

hello kitty ice lugeHOW IN THE WORLD DO I MAKE THAT HAPPEN??  I have other stuff to work on and really unsure how to make this work.

So now it will be a first anniversary gift.  It was a gorgeous wedding. Plus we had a weekend in New York.

gorgeous center pieceJeni Baker from In Color Order make a quilt that hit me as something that could work.  Half square triangles in the colors to kinda match.  See her post here about a sports team quilt she did.

Here is what I agreed to in order to make this quilt happen.  Husband has to help me cut the fabric and press it.  I will do the sewing.

We selected these Kona Colors to make it work:  Pomegranate, Nautical, White, Black, Ash, and Kumquat.

kona fabric stack The HSTs are ready to be sewn tomorrow morning.

stack of hstLinking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

freshly pieced WIP wednesday