Scented Eye Pillow – Guest Post

Hi, my name is Amanda from CottonBlossomThreads and I’m going to teach you how to make a scented eye pillow that you can heat up in the microwave.

amanda tut 7

Flaxseeds hold heat better than rice and they don’t go rancid as easily.  These are great for headaches or any type of tension in your neck.  I fill mine with a mix of flaxseeds and lavender oil, but you could also use lavender buds if you have those.  Lavender is great for relaxing muscles and helps with stress, as well.  Perfect gift for anyone.

First, gather your materials.  You will need:

  • Flaxseed
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Two pieces of fabric measuring 9”x 5”
  • Bowl, spoon and funnel

amanda tut 1


Add a few drops of oil to your flaxseed and stir it around. It will smell wonderful.  Set that aside for now.  Cut out your fabric pieces (9”x 5”) and place right sides together.  You are going to sew all the way around the fabric with a ½ inch seam and leave a small opening on the side for turning.

amanda tut 2

You also could make your eye pillow larger or smaller depending on your preference.  You will need more flaxseed to fill the pillow if you choose to make it larger.

amanda tut 3

Start sewing and backstitch to reinforce the stitching on one side of the pillow.  When you come to the end, leave an opening, about several inches long.  Clip your corners with sharp scissors, being careful to not cut into the seam allowance.  Clipping the corners will help them be more pointed and cut down on the bulk, as well.  After clipping, turn your pillow right side out using a chopstick or your fingers.

amanda tut 4

Once your pillow is right side out, corners pushed out as well, then fill with flaxseeds.  I typically fill my pillows a little over halfway full when I’m holding it upright.  That gives me a good amount of seeds that will lay comfortably over my eyes or forehead.

amanda tut 5

Now that your pillow is full of lavender scented flaxseeds, carefully take the pillow back to the sewing machine and pin the opening closed making sure the raw edges are folded inside the pillow.  Another good reason not to overfill the pillow is so that the seeds do not spill out when sewing it closed.

amanda tut 6


Sew the opening shut with a ¼ inch seam allowance, including a label if you have one.  Your pillow is done!

Add a gift tag telling the recipient to microwave for 30 seconds and watch their tension melt away!


July Sewing Goals

This summer is flying by and it’s about to get even busier for our household.  We are traveling for two weeks to NY to spend time with family and friends.  Beyond excited for P to spend two weeks with Gramma.  She’s going to be one exhausted Gramma with a toddler running around.  You’re warned Gail!

My July goal of quilting the Black, White and Brights quilt probably won’t happen until we get there.  Of course I’m taking my sewing machine.

Baby Jacks Black, White, and Brights Quilt

I’m thinking quilt in light gray and bind in a gray print.  Thoughts?

I have loved the feedback on Instagram for this quilt, especially from Amy of 13 Spools who designed the pattern.  “WOW this scrappy version is crazy awesome, and nothing I ever pictured!!!”  – Thanks Amy!

If you’re interested in purchasing her book, which is a wonderful addition to your book stash, pop over to her Web site.  She even offers a signed copy too.  I love that personal touch to a book.

No Peeking Christmas Gift Bags – Guest Post

Raylee of Sunflower Stitcheries kicks off the Christmas In July tutorials for 2105.  In December you met Raylee here on the blog.

Christmas Gift Bags 3

She has created a PDF tutorial of reusable gift bags for Christmas.  These bags are based off some her mum made her boys years ago, that she still uses.  I think these would be wonderful to have under the Christmas tree.  Maybe these bags will hold gifts from “Santa” this year.

You can order the free PDF here.

christmas in july 2015 (1)

Christmas in July 2015

July, I was not ready for you.  Guess it’s good I’m working on Christmas already.  This year we will have 3-4 new tutorials from guest bloggers that I will post on Mondays.

christmas in july 2015 (1)


What are you currently working on for the Holiday season?

Here are the tutorials from last year if you need a boost of creativity over the weekend.

Christmas in July 2014 Tutorials 


June Sewing Goal – Complete

Done with a little over 12 hours to spare.  I finished pressing this top around 10 a.m. today.  Whew!  Clicke HERE to read my about my June Goal.  This month has been a whirlwind.  Let me fill you in.

Baby Jacks Paper Pieced Quilt top – Done

Baby Jacks Black, White, and Brights Quilt


There are so many goodies from my scraps, stash, and the scrap bin finds that are in this quilt.  Variety is good.  Lots of repeats, but everything is spaced out pretty well.  I’m loving the black, white and brights combination.  Last week I pieced the first three blocks, put them together, and then wondered if I should stop.

pieced blocks


I considered floating these blocks in black strips on each side.  After a few texts with a friend, I decided to go all in.  Bright, loud, and sticking to the pattern.  What you can’t see in the black pieces are the little circles in a blackish/grayish color.

Luckily you can’t see all of the errors in this quilt top either.  There are tiny things that will drive me crazy, but can be fixed with quilting and binding.

black, white, and brights baby jacks quilt

Growler Girls survived our show on June 13th.  It was a scorcher in Indianapolis and pretty sure I lost 10 pounds being outside all day.  To top off the the show we got a big custom order that has taken up a good chunk of creative time for the last couple of weeks.

The Tour de Cure was the next weekend and it was amazing.  Porter got to meet two racecar drivers, drive a truck around the track (Indianapolis Motor Speedway), and play in a giant puddle.  Pretty sure it was the best weekend ever for him.

Not the best picture, but the best of the bunch with an active toddler.  Juan Pablo Montoya was very nice!
Not the best picture, but the best of the bunch with an active toddler. Juan Pablo Montoya was very nice!
Happiest kid in the world.
Happiest kid in the world.


Look mom, so much water!
Look mom, so much water!

He seriously rode in the truck for over an hour and played in the puddle for a half hour.  The joy on his face was worth every repetitive thing we did that day.  A bike ride went on too and my husband put on another wonderful event.

We move into July with even more on our to do list as a family.  Can’t wait to share our adventures for the month.

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes for June.

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