How to SAG for the RAIN Ride

Help your rider be successful with good preparation.  They are logging the miles, but you help them get there.  This is not an official post or sponsored in any way.  May contain affiliate links.

SAG, PSV, or whatever you want to call it is essential to help a rider complete a LONG ride.  How long?  Let’s start with the RAIN Ride.  160 miles across Indiana in one day.  Sound exhausting?  It is, but also fun.  My super, wonderful, and amazing husband tackled and completed the RAIN Ride on Saturday.  I had never been a SAG vehicle before and learned quite a bit.  SAG, let’s just call it stuff and gear because that’s exactly what you are for the rider.  I documented most of the day on InstaStories, Instagram, and Facebook for family and friends to keep up with.  It was a motivator for to hear others cheering him on, we weren’t doing this alone.  Did I mention hubby hates having his picture taken?



Gear and mechanical essentials

Your rider should have a few items on them in case of a flat or other mechanical issues.  Make sure they pack anything they will need for a complicated issue in your vehicle.  Hubby shopped at Performance Bike for his essentials.

Be ready to be bored

  • Bring a book, crossword, etc
  • Download podcasts for when the radio has all crappy stations
  • Bring a project to work on by hand
  • Keep your phone charged


It’s okay to over pack.  I don’t think you really can over pack for this type of ride.
  • Ibuprofen
  • Allegra or allergy meds
  • Sinus decongestant
  • Sunscreen
  • Pepto
  • Towels
  • Foam roller
  • Yoga mat
  • Quilt
  • Baby wipes
  • Anti bacterial hand wipes

Learn how to make decent Gatorade

The mix is imperative.  Too dilute and he’s not going to feel as great.  Too much and he can’t drink it.

Stop and enjoy the hidden gems

I drove all over Indiana’s back roads.  In between pit stops I had time to stop here and there.

Things for next time

While we were pretty prepared for this race, there are a few things I will do differently next time he does a race of this magnitude.  I would get cash before the ride to have just in case.  We needed cash for the bike mechanic that helped repair my husband’s tire at Pit Stop 1.  Have pickle juice available for him in the car.  Sounds gross but the shot of sodium is helpful when riding.  Baskets would be helpful.  I saw one family had a tool box set up and I was envious.  We just threw stuff together and didn’t really organize.  Next time I’m bringing baskets to organize his snacks and backup gear.  Also I want to leave room to have the bike rack off the back of the car and access via the trunk or hatch.

I was able to meet some nice spouses and friends that were also playing SAG for the day.  It was fun to meet up with them at the rest stops and hear how their rider was doing.

Congrats again to my husband that accomplished this feat despite some big set backs in the first 5-10 miles.  I kept checking on him at rest stops since he expended lots of energy at the beginning, I wasn’t sure he would complete all 160 miles.  Once he got over 100, he was determined and didn’t want to stop unless he couldn’t make his legs go anymore.  That determination was awe-inspiring.  I cried when he crossed the finish line, this is a huge accomplishment.

Other Cycling and Fitness Endeavours at our house.

New Running Goal – A Sub 2 Half

Can’t believe I actually wrote that title and putting this out there publicly.  I am so proud of my husband for achieving one of his fitness goals (more on that later this week) this year that it’s motivated me to aim for a big stretch goal.  Over the years I have ran a number of half marathons.  Truthfully, I haven’t really put the effort in for training.  I’ve come close with a 2:14.

This is the time I need to focus on my training and reach this goal.  I have used the above quote many times during trainings for races.  However, I did sacrifice and not give my best.  Slept in on Saturday mornings, half asses a speed workout, skipped a mid week run, and generally didn’t prepare myself.  Sure I can run a half this weekend if I wanted to, but it would be an ugly performance.  Why not set myself up for success and reach my goal.

I want to be at or below the two hour mark.  Aiming for this goal will force me into more speed work, yoga, and long runs.  Hubby and I have worked out a plan to help make this happen.  We discussed the pros and cons of moving my runs to the early morning to avoid Indiana heat.  We decided that isn’t a realistic step for a couple of reasons.  First, I would have to go to bed basically after P in order to make a 5:30 am run part of my morning.  Second, I decided I enjoy the down time in the evening with hubby and I don’t want to give that up.  Third, well it’s easy to oversleep and just say I will do it later!

In an effort to plan to get myself into the mindset of running a sub 2 half I put a couple of things in motion this week:

  • Downloaded a training plan designed to help achieve the goal.
  • Scheduling in yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help with core strength and stretching.
  • Researching new shoes.  My current shoes won’t last into the training.

I start today and plan to run the Monumental Half Marathon on November 4th.  Not sure how this will impact my sewing time at this point.  However, many of my ideas come while running.  Maybe I will create an amazing idea while I run.  It is my other form of stress/life management.

Any tips or support is greatly appreciated.


Scrappy Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles Finished

Scrappy unicorn rainbow sprinkles by quiltytherapy #scrapquilt #paperpiecing #modernquilt

Scrappy Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles is finished and ready for her next adventure.  It would be great if this quilt left a trail of rainbow sprinkles everywhere it went.  Instead it just brings lots of color and brightness to a room.

Scrappy unicorn rainbow sprinkles by quiltytherapy #scrapquilt #paperpiecing #modernquilt

It was fun to watch scraps from friends become something cohesive and lovely.  Thank you again Lisa, Erika, and Lindsay for sharing your scraps.  I would love to hear your thoughts below on the quilt and any of your scraps you recognize.

When it came time to pick the backing on this quilt, I was sure I was going to make a scrappy one to flow with the front.  I wondered if I would have a vintage sheet that would work and began digging into that stash.  I did find a sheet that could have worked if the blue was a little more aqua.  While the vintage sheet would have worked, it didn’t feel right.  I would have wanted to change it after quilting it.  Instead I found this solid green sheet that coordinated with the greens on the front.

Remember the purple polka dot binding from Thistle Storm?  I had so much of it left that it ended up being enough to bind this quilt.  Everything on this quilt is either a scrap or stash item I had not used in awhile.  Feels good to finally give some of these fabrics a new purpose and use.

Scrappy unicorn rainbow sprinkles by quiltytherapy #scrapquilt #paperpiecing #modernquilt

As I finished the quilt top, I realized there were a few errors that I hoped to work out in the quilting.  One or two were too big to ultimately just quilt closed.  I had to go back and zig zag stitch over them.  While it’s disappointing that this quilt isn’t perfect, it now has it’s own flare and design elements.  After my IMQG meeting they couldn’t really see the issue.  If a group of quilters can’t see it, then there is no use in stressing over it.

For the quilting, I went with wavy lines again.  It’s a simple method that I want to keep building my skills on.  The waves add a softness to the overall look.

Look at all the crinkles post wash.  I want to take it on a picnic or snuggle under it on the couch.  If you’re looking for a quilt to add color to a room, you can find this quilt here on Etsy.

Scrappy unicorn rainbow sprinkles by quiltytherapy #scrapquilt #paperpiecing #modernquilt


You can read about the process of the quilt below.

Scrappy Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles 

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Scrappy Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles

Prepare yourself for some color.  My inner 90’s child just wanted to bust out my Lisa Frank stickers and Trapper Keeper when I started these blocks.  In all transparency, I do have a Lisa Frank calendar on my desk at work to look at and enjoy.  You’re not here about obnoxious desk decor, you’re here for the fabric and blocks.

I hit the mother load of scraps during our Indy Modern Quilt Guild Winter Retreat.  Lisa and Erika were gracious enough to just let us go through their scraps.  Take whatever you want.  Lindsay Conner was working on blocks and was just tossing the left over half square triangles away.  I knew they would could be reused in a scrappy project.

I like big blocks and I cannot lie… #imqgretreat

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There were so many from her 12 blocks, plus all the other scraps that an idea came to life.  I had 7″ squares left over from finishing the solids string quilt.  Let’s make a scrappy quilt that looks like rainbow sprinkles.  YES!!!

fabric sorted and ready

Sorting through the scraps again was more fun.  I had an idea in mind and could start seeing the palette emerge.  Orange, green, teal, aqua, purple, pink, white and of course gray.  The mix plays so well together.  I made a couple of test blocks to get started.

They felt right so I kept going, unsure how many I would make.

Around 15 blocks I started to get a little bored.  The blocks seemed to be repeating themselves, though each one is different.  I made a few more and decided to test a layout.  Maybe that would be the catalyst forward or the stopping point.

A couple of design options started to flow.  Keep going until there are 42-56 blocks completed for a totally scrappy quilt.  Egh, I wasn’t really feeling the work involved.  The blocks didn’t take long to make.  I was running out the yellow and orange scraps.  Second idea was to add six more blocks and get to 25.  Maybe put them on point and surround with a solid.  White?  Gray?  I remembered a bolt of Kona Robin’s Egg Blue I had in the back room.

The color coordinated well with the blocks and I had lots of it on hand.  New plan was to finish the next six blocks and then finalize a layout.  The last six blocks took forever, I couldn’t seem to get them finished.  Final block count of 25 was all I had in me for this project.  It was enough scrapiness and it left options for negative space.

During an open sew day for an IMQG meeting, I was able to get the blocks sewn together and start ripping off the papers.  Ripping off the paper when paper piecing is annoying, but soothing at the same time.  I even found a few errors that was too late to really fix.  Did you see this gem on Instagram?

Some inappropriate words were said, but I knew I could fix it later.  I added big borders to the top and called it a day.

As the top was being pieced I just kept thinking about rainbow sprinkles.  That’s what the blocks looked like to me.  With the half square triangle in the center, I was thinking unicorns.  So the name, Scrappy Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles, was given to this quilt.  I think it’s perfect and I’m crushing on this quilt pretty hard.  Not quite New Kids on the Block level, but close. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite 90’s song I can jam to while quilting this over the weekend?  Leave your suggestion in the comments.

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Confessions Of A Fabric Addict


Meet Thistle Storm

You have seen this quilt before called April Showers.


The quilt came out of the dryer and demanded a new, more fierce name.  Thistle Storm was born and so did our adventures together.


P enjoys the quilt

In typical quilt blog fashion, I put Thistle Storm on the fence out back.  She, yes it’s a girl quilt, started laughing.  It was more of a mocking.  “Really?” she said, “Just the fence.  Come on. I deserve way better photos than this.”  “Fine,” I replied and began scouting locations.

My husband works at a beautiful old estate turned event venue here in Indy.  Maybe their grounds would have some good photo opportunities.  We ventured over on a Friday afternoon and started with a normal quilt photo.  Thanks hubby for holding it up.  We walked along a pathway, but Thistle Storm became tired and wanted to rest on the bench.

After a brief rest she noticed the brook ahead and wanted to climb on the rocks.  “Does this bush make me look fabulous?,” she asked.  “It’s not your best pose, but we can make it work,” I replied.

We finished our photoshoot on these lovely brick stairs.  She stretched out and enjoyed the sun for a few minutes.  “I could just lay here all day and watch the clouds,” she noted.  This is my favorite pose from the session.  Once we were done she bunched herself up and rode home in the front seat.  She was excited to see her photos.

Photo editing would have to wait until after my run.  Thistle Storm is the laziest quilt around.  She laid on the couch binge watching The Great British Bake Off on Netflix as I was sweating my ass off.  She shrieked in horror when we pulled up to daycare to pick up P.  “Please don’t let sticky fingers get on me,” she pleaded.  P was unimpressed with her antics.

Since this quilt is so lazy, she needs to find a new home.  Below is a bit more about the specifics on the Thistle Storm and how she can come stay at your house.

Quilt Layout

Kona Thistle is the light purple feature.  Notice the detail in the purple floral print?  It also has thistles which is no coincidence.  In an ah-ha moment at the quilt shop I knew it felt right.  I adore the purple to gray transition, a different version of Icy Waters from what I have seen.


I used leftover yardage for the backing to create something pieced and scrappy.


Why did I wait so long to quilt this?  I was scared of making waves and that it would look terrible.  After trying one, it wasn’t horrible.  The rest turned out well.  There are a couple of hiccups in the quilting, but I’m okay with that.  Wavy lines may become a new go to for me.


White and lavender polka dots had been in stash for years, YEARS!  As I was piecing the top, I remembered this print buried in my fabric cart.  Rather than the 1.5 inch strips I normally use, I cut this at 2.5 inches.  It was therapeutic to press yards of binding.  There is some left over and now I need something to bind in this great print.

Of course I went with machine binding.

You find the quilt on Etsy and is ready to head to a new home.

Mom Guilt is Real

Not only is mom guilt real, it can hit you hard some days.  I’ve adjusted to the guilt of not being a stay at home mom with my son.  It’s probably best for the whole family that it didn’t work out and he has had wonderful experiences in daycare.  This is about the guilt as you make decisions for your kids that they can not do.  I’m sure many of you have had to do the same.  It sucks!

The after photo

About six weeks ago P was playing in his room.  We had friends over and a couple of parents were in there.  He loves to jump and he jumped over a quilt on his floor.  He had built a fort/lounge area earlier in the day.  Sobs were ringing from his room.  This wasn’t his normal, I’ve fallen cry, it was a deep I’m hurt cry.  After a few minutes of snuggles and lots of tears, he let me look him over.  His front tooth was displaced.  Crap!

I called the dentist first thing in the morning and he referred me to a pediatric dentist.  Luckily, this new dentist could fit us in that day and help us assess the damage.  This was just an ordinary fall, everything will be okay was the thought my husband and I had.  Nope, X-Rays revealed P had broken the tooth.  We scheduled a procedure to pop the tooth back in place.  Yeah, I know, gross.

He had to have some sedatives and laughing gas, but the procedure went okay.  We went back to normal and would have a follow up visit in a month.  Over that month, his teeth became more gray and we knew that meant the teeth were dying.  At the follow up it became apparent we had to make some decisions.  Root canal or extract the teeth.  Everything was pointing towards root canal for a bit.

Tuesday night before his procedure

Monday night we meant with the dentist and after more conversations we went with extraction.  There are a number of reasons we chose extraction, but I didn’t want something similar to happen in six months and we have to pull them anyway.  The financial side of a root canal with my kid didn’t make sense either.  He loves to jump and I would be that over cautious helicopter mom when he wanted to try the simplest thing.  He wouldn’t realize, I was trying to protect the investment in his teeth.  Plus, why should that hold him back?

The last few days have been rough.  I was really conflicted on if we were making the right decision for him.  Then yesterday’s procedure happened.  We gave him the sedatives as recommended and went to our appointment.  P was okay with the laughing gas for a bit, then it changed.  He was over it, went all rage against the gas mask.  Sobbed and thrashed for 10-15 minutes.  He was inconsolable.  It was the worst to sit there and know he was scared.  We tried everything we knew how to do to calm him down.  I started singing a made up song with just his name and that seemed to soothe him.  The poor dentist and the hygienist, they had to listen to me sing.  That had to be torture for them.

We got him calmed down, well he cried himself to sleep, and the procedure was over pretty quick.  Teeth removed.  It was the right decision as we examined his teeth later, they were gray and looked terrible.  I scooped him up and the snuggles began.  I still felt wrong about putting him through that.  It took me a bit yesterday to get used to his new gum line and his new smile.  Then the real stuff set in.

He began asking questions about, “What if other kids make fun of me or don’t want to play with me because I look different?”  Ahhh, buddy.  I wanted to say those kids just suck, but that’s not how you handle it.  My advice was to say, “Yes, I do look different.”  If they persist, “Everyone loses their teeth.” He thought he looked like a zombie and that made him sad.

The guilt will fade in a few days as we all adjust.  He’s at daycare right now and I’m nervous for how his day will go.  As a parent, we have to make decisions for our kids and we don’t always know the lasting impact.  We will do something as a family tonight that will be fun.

Exhausted momma and P

I received lots of positive thoughts and comments from other parents yesterday.  It was really helpful.  If you know a parent that is struggling listen to them and offer support.  They don’t need or want judgement for their actions.  Parenting is scary, but with support from others it’s easier.