Memories and Quilts

Do you have a quilt that brings back lots of memories?  Yesterday my childhood came right back to me when I saw this quilt.


My aunt passed away after a long battle with cancer.  My cousin was joking, but not really, that if Heaven wasn’t in tip top shape, well then Polly was there to handle that now.  She was a great woman with lots of love and energy.

The quilt above was hand pieced and hand quilted by my great grandmother Lora, suck a lovely name.  She was a quilter and I have a number of her blocks put away to use in a project one day.



My grandma Roberts had this quilt on her back bedroom bed for years.  My dress up clothes, record player, and most of my stuff as a kid was in this room.  I remember tracing my fingers around the different colors and following their patterns.

My great grandmother died in the late 70’s. We are really unsure how old the quilt actually is.

When grandma downsized into an apartment the quilt became more of a decoration in her living room.  It has some sun damage in the middle, but the quilt is in amazing shape.  In 2010 my grandma moved into a nursing home full time and the wonderful quilt went to live with my aunt.

It’s been five years since I have seen the quilt.  When I walked into my aunt’s home yesterday there it was to greet me.  It hung on the quilt rack, just the way I remember it.  Instantly I was drawn to it and ran my fingers over the quilt.  So many memories and flashbacks.

Fingers crossed this quilt can come live with me when my uncle decides what he will do next.

Do you have a quilt that has been handed down?

Neptune Quilt – WIP

The hoarding of fabric has to stop at my house.  How long can I hold on to the Tula Pink Neptune I have left?  Probably forever, but what does that get me?  This tub holds my Neptune and Echo.

neptune and echo Last week while reading Karri’s post on The Great Fabric Debacle I had an AH-HA moment.  I can use my Neptune fabric and it will be okay.  It’s out of print but I have really enjoyed it and now it’s time for it to see a new home.  I’m not going to sell what I have at a high mark up, that’s absurd to me.

Let’s make one last quilt from what I have left.  Prepare yourself people, I’m going to cut into it.

neptune charms Now that your heart is racing and you’re nervous for me, or angry, I cut into it yesterday.  Yesterday was awful with work and I needed a quick distraction to get me back in a good mood.  When I bought this fabric, it made me happy, it was something I adored.  Nothing wrong with cheering myself up with something I adore.  Plus cutting into fabric is way better than drowning my sorrows in chocolate.

This quilt is my inspiration for what I want to do with my Neptune.

Photo via Flickr – Heather of A La Mode Fabric

It’s a simple design and layout but I like all the negative space.  Instead of white I’m going to use two different shades of gray, all scraps.  My squares will be 2.5″, so the quilt will probably be a baby quilt.

neptune charms 1 So far it hasn’t been painful to really put this fabric to use.  Giving it away may be another story.  I may consider destashing my scraps.

neptune layoutIs there a fabric line you are hoarding?

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Stash Audit – Scraps Volume 1

scraps 1-5-15 This is getting a bit out of hand, what a mess.  Looking at this has made me really using as many scraps as possible for upcoming projects.  It may also be the reasoning behind my one scrap project per month goal I set for 2015.

These two overflowing bags need to be sorted and cut down.  As a recap I try to cut my scraps into pre-determined sizes I use regularly:  5″, 3″, 2.5″, 2″ and 1.5″.  This makes storage much easier.  These green bins are from the dollar store.  It’s quick to reach and grab the colors that I need already cut.

scrap storageHowever, my solid scraps have me stumped.  What do you do with your solid scraps?

I asked around on social media this week and I got the same responses.  Sort by color.  Maybe I should do that for my solids.  It does make sense for solids.  I would hate to cut them down to a size then need something bigger and waste yardage.

So readers, how do you store your solids?


Upcycled Tie Pillow

upcylced tie pillow This project has been long overdue, almost 3 years.  After the bridesmaid dress quilt I wanted to try and upcycle men’s ties into a quilt.  My father in law graciously gave me a bunch of his along with one of our friends.  I ripped them all apart and set them aside.

Later that December my father in law passed very unexpectedly.  The third anniversary was just a few weeks ago. Losing a parent is hard and has taken our family some time to heal.  This post sums up how I felt three years ago.

As we have been unpacking my fabric into the back room I found the bag of ties.  The idea immediately came to me to make a pillow cover for my brother in law and mother in law for Christmas using these.  There was enough interfacing left over from the t-shirt quilts that I didn’t have to run out and get more. Considering I do most of my creative work from 8PM – 11PM having stuff on hand is a bonus for me.

Of course I started working on these December 27th. Yes, after Christmas presents now. Sorry for the low light photos it was late at night and our living room isn’t great for light.  I wanted to show how I made these blocks.

tie pillow 4

tie pillow 5I took these pieces and trimmed them into 3″ squares.  In my scrap bags I grabbed two different shades of gray to create half square triangles.  My original vision was half square triangles with differing grays.

tie pillow squaresAfter pairing the tie squares and solids, I created half square triangles. The seams are pressed open and I did not trim up the blocks.

tie pillow half square triangles
Each square was placed to be a light gray then medium gray alternating.

The piecing was fairly easy on the first one. I should have used pins to match up seams. My mother in law didn’t seem to mind. I backed the pillow in a solid brown scrap. Added bonus I still had some stuffing from making pillows a while back. Have you tried to fight the crowd at Jo-anns on a weekend? I truly best to avoid that places except late at night. No one is there.

She was excited to take it home with her a couple of weeks ago.  Kevin…yours will be in the mail this weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek if you can’t wait.  See I buried it at the bottom.

upcycled men's tie pillowI finished the last two up this week.  Rob and I were sitting around watching Homeland while I stuffed pillows.  Not sure if he realized it or not, but I was wearing his dad’s old Giants shirt, stuffing the pillows made from his dad’s ties.

recycled men's tie pillow  Each pillow is different and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Thursday Treasury Feature

Etsy had changed the way they promote favorited items.  If you see something in the treasury you like, I encourage you to HEART the item directly.  Not sure how to do that?  If you hover over an item, a heart or list should show up in the upper right hand corner, given that you are logged into Etsy.

HEARTS keep an item trending.   I’m not a huge fan of this new system, but I still want to promote handmade items and small businesses.

‘Organize your kitchen’ by oktak

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I’m loving the towels in this collection.  Do you have a favorite item?  Take a moment and heart them and spread some small business love.