Indie Folk King Sized Patchwork Quilt – Top Finished

You read that title correctly, the top is finished.  We had a pretty quite weekend at home and I was able to work on the piecing consistently.  Let’s go back to the process of chain piecing this top where we left off on the original post.


After sorting piecing is one of my favorite parts of making a quilt.  The design begins to come to life and you get to watch the development of the project.  To piece this quilt I started with one fabric and matched it to each of the other fabrics.  I repeated this for each fabric.  It’s the best way to I can create a random look and still be efficient in my sewing time.

P has some strong opinions of how I should spend my time with him and it usually doesn’t include the sewing machine.

Yes those are shorts and snow boots. He gets it from his dad.

After two piles I would stop and take a break or stretch.  Plus, I need the space behind my machine cleaned out.  I can clip the blocks apart while watching a movie or in my down time.

Making the rows

Once majority of my fabrics were matched and pieced it’s time to make the rows.  One side note:  I do leave some of each fabric back to add in as needed while making the rows.  With this quilt I knew it needed to be big.  Luckily I have a king sized bed and the drop size my client wanted.  I could test the length on my bed to determine the right length per row.

After determining the length I sort out my fabrics into two buckets.  I put one stack into each bucket to help with keeping things random while piecing.

This will be explained in more detail with the video I’m working on to go along with this quilt.  I wanted to offer a visual of how I do this process as well.  As I worked the rows started going onto my ironing board in a big pile.

Combining the rows

With a smaller baby quilt I would stop here and press each row.  With a quilt this size I chose to move forward without pressing my rows and just pin everything in place so the seams nested.  Besides cutting the fabric, this was probably the biggest time commitment of the project.  Each row had to be pinned and seams nested just so.  I worked in sections of 4-6 rows.  Then I started combining the smaller sections into the overall top.

Quilting this will require an extra table behind my current table to support the weight.  My arms and shoulders were pretty tired after getting the top finished.

Yes, there are some repeats of fabrics together, but it’s minimal given the overall size of the quilt.

Next steps

The plan is to press and baste this quilt tonight.  I have cleared out space in the dining room to make this happen.  To baste I will use a combination of pins and spray basting.  For backing I found a silky soft king sized sheet in a coordinating green on a local swap site.  It matches well and is basically the size I need for the top.  Less time creating the back is a blessing when your quilt is enormous.


Indie Folk King Sized Patchwork Quilt

Indie Folk designed by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery fabrics is stunning.  My customer was torn between this line and one other.  She made the right choice.  Yes, this is a commissioned king sized quilt.  A bonus as I’m working on this quilt, I am creating a video highlighting my process.  Can’t wait to share with you that process.


Lots of prep work goes into making a king sized quilt.  Half yard bundles of the fabric line were necessary and Fat Quarter Shop had the full line and great pricing.

For a patchwork quilt I prefer to incorporate coordinating solids.  No one near me sells Art Gallery solids and I really struggled to find them online, especially at a price I liked.  Crimson Tate stocks FreeSpirit solids and they coordinated well with Indie Folk’s colors.


To maximize the fabric I cut 4.5 inch squares.  That means ALOT of squares for a king sized quilt.  My customer wants patchwork and this delivers that design element.  This step was probably the longest out of all of them since I needed around 700 squares.

Even the scrappy strips and snippets are delightful.


Cleaning my sewing area after cutting was imperative.  This project will take over all my workspace for the next few weeks.  Having it organized and ready to work at all times is a huge time saver.  Taking the 10 minutes to clean was well worth it.

When prepping for a big project, this is a great time to check your machine as well.  I prepped three bobbins, cleaned and oiled my machine before starting any piecing.  Also, I put in a fresh needle for piecing.

The last step for preparation is sorting my fabrics.  This project I sorted by the print or solid.  Some projects I will sort by color, especially if a scrappy quilt.  You need some space to make a sort effective.  Using an extra cutting mat or folding table is helpful.

Next week I hope to share my portion on piecing the top.  Any guesses how many rows I need for this quilt?



Yelp Bazaar is Simply Amazing

Hello!  I am so giddy to write this post and share with your the wonderful vendors from the Indianapolis Yelp Bazaar hosted last night at the Central Library.  This is a must attend event for anyone that loves shopping local and small.  Six floors are packed with vendors, musicians, food, and shoppers.  If you have never been, add it to your list for next year.

While I didn’t really plan to buy much, I did pick up a few things for gifts.  Most of my shopping was for me.  Apparently our credit card is linked to my husband’s email for Square purchases.  He knew everywhere I had shopped by the time I got home.  No surprises for him.  Thanks to Melissa and Bri for encouraging me to go after a hectic week and putting up with me being all chatty.

This post has lots of photos and links over to the businesses.  All opinions are my own and I receive no compensation for promoting these businesses.  Also, I did check with vendors if I could photograph their items for this post.  

Current Favorites

Jilly Jack Designs

Wonderful prints, wrapping paper, and custom work are just some of the options available.  Jill is talented and has recently designed prints available at Target!

1606 Supply Co.

Stephanie is an example of what happens when you expand your designs and grow.  We met at quilt guild years ago.  She has evolved from quilter into a designer and print maker.  Her take no shit earrings need to be in my collection.  How cute is her display for her scratch & dent pins?  I thought this was an innovation way to repackage products and make it fun.

407 Botanicals

Bath products are one of my favorite categories of gifts to give and receive.  Who doesn’t love to be pampered?  Amy’s line of bath products do not disappoint.  I picked up the coffee and vanilla bean sugar scrub for a secret santa gift exchange.  Everyone was raving about how good it smelled.  She did have sampler collections perfect for gift giving.  Hopefully she brings them back for Galentine’s Day, which I fully support.


Andrea and Todd have the best jobs.  They get to design and create handmade monsters.  Their color selections and fabric pairings really lets the monsters stand out.  P has one of the first luchadore’s they sold.  It has held up well to some high intensity toddler wear and tear.

Crimson Tate 

What can I say about Heather and her wonderful store?  They are the most friendly quilt store and willing to help your wildest creations come to life.  Heather, David, and their entire staff always have a smile for you.  It’s the best pick me up if you ever need one.

Art Mix

Art Mix is a newly found favorite.  I came across their pieces earlier this fall at a shopping event.  There may or may not have been a “fight” for one of their serving plates.  Someone on my shopping list will appreciate my tenacity to make sure they got the piece.  Their pieces are affordable and it’s a non profit that uses art to help people with disabilities.  Last night their booth was buzzing with people and I stocked up on more of their ornaments.

Manayunk Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an amazing skill.  I love watching videos of artists on Instagram create in calligraphy, they make it look so easy.  Manayunk has put out a kit to help you learn on your own.  What a wonderful gift idea.  Last year at the Yelp Bazaar I snuck away to purchase one of these prints for my husband.  Since we met at IU, it was perfect for our anniversary.

Circle City Creations

This is another business I have been eyeing on Instagram.  She posted a hypnotizing video of her writing the feathers in prep for the Yelp Bazaar.  It was so much fun to watch, that I may have watched a couple of times.

I bought one of their ornaments to put on our tree.  Can’t wait to show P later today.

Frangipani Body Products

Tracy’s products have changed my skin.  Her shea butter softening lotion is amazing.  Yes, I’ve raved about it before, and will continue to.  She put out a deodorant for the first time this week and I couldn’t wait to see it in person.  It smells great and I need to pick some up to test out.

New Businesses to Support

It was fun to chat with these new to me businesses and learn about their products.

Lemon Tree Cookies 

Bri picked up a couple of the cookies and notes they are tasty.  Adding to my list of places to consider especially with a couple of birthdays coming up at our house.

Modern Handcraft

Nicole is best know for her Modern Hexie pattern.  She has been feverishly working and creating new items for this show.  Her stockings are adorable, if you’re looking for a gift idea.  She did tell she would post extras on her Web site over the weekend.

Harper + Ari

Their marketing is not lying, it smells like candy.  The smell was more fragrant than overpowering.  Blue Raspberry smelled delicious.  A tip we got was to cut each one in half to use in the shower.  The bigger jar is definitely a good deal.

Yellow Umbrella Designs

String art is popular right now.  I haven’t made any yet and now I really want to.  She will do classes and events as well.


Rivet Kids

I’m a sucker for cute kid’s clothes.  P will be sporting one of these creations in the spring.

Tactile Melodies

Chelsea is a talented metal smith.  Her work with copper made me stop, chat, and add to my favorites.  She even adds a few twists to her pieces.  Check out her shop and add some items to your favorites.  Her constellation necklaces are wonderful as well.  She noted she has a tiny press she uses to make them.

Knot & Thread

Their rope bowls are crisp and clean.  I had been eyeing their work before being gifted a rope bowl in the Sneaky Santa exchange with IMQG.  A few of these in a guest bathroom or bedroom would be adorable.

KG Acres Farm

While feathers are not my thing, they are Bri’s.  She was thrilled to see a booth with feather art at an affordable price point.  She tried on a few headbands and decided this one looked perfect.  Throughout the night she received many compliments on her headband.  Bri noted that the headband was actually comfortable too.

Limelight Coffee Roasters

Finally, I love coffee and so do some people on my shopping list.  I was able to pick up a bag or two for this holiday season.  The aroma was intoxicating.

Did you attend the Yelp Bazaar?  What goodies did you find?

Secret Santa Swap

I should just put it out there that I’m horrible at keeping secrets.  HORRIBLE!  The Indy Modern Quilt Guild hosted a Sneaky Santa swap this year.  We went through an automated service that randomly assigns you to people.  The system matched me with one of my best friends Rachael.  I knew almost immediately what I wanted to make, but had to be extra sneaky about it.

A little about Rachael

Rachael wanted something supporting feminism as she helps run a global non profit focused on the needs of women.  Have you heard of Support the Girls?  My wonderful friend had a goal a couple of years ago to collect 3500 bras to celebrate her 35th birthday.  She exceeded that goal in first few months.  She is helping to lead the change on how women can have access to undergarments and menstrual products.  Here basement is usually stuffed with bras, tampons, and pads.  Okay, she usually have bras all over her house.  I am proud of the work she is doing and the lives she is impacting.

You can read about more about her story here, here, and here.

There is no stopping this woman.

I wanted to make her a bra pot holder.  I was almost certain she didn’t have bras in her kitchen.  Over the weekend she informed me she did actually have some in her kitchen right now.  Of course!  In my research I found this paper piece pattern for a bra.  Thank goodness for secret boards on Pinterest.  We follow each other on social media, Pinterest, and usually ride to guild meetings together.  Plus we live around a mile from each other, it’s not unusual for us to pop over to each other’s houses.  I had it worked out with another member to run the package over to her house before the meeting so she could bring it.

The bra took no time to make.  I backed it in a bold print and shared this photo on Instagram of the back.

Sneak peek of my Santa Swap item for the #imqgsecretsanta. I can show you the rest on Sunday.

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The finished product

Rachael guessed it was a house and immediately thought it was for her.  She had part of it correct.  When she opened it Sunday she saw the back and was excited.  She turned it over and saw this.



She loves it!!!  It was perfect for her.  So glad I got her and kept the secret to surprise her.

Sometimes your friend just gets you. #miniquilt #braquilt #imqg @quiltytherapy

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Watching everyone open their gift and guess the maker was fun.  It’s a great way to learn about other’s in your guild and be creative.  Has your guild done anything similar?

Link ups

Flamingo Toes Show & Tell 

Improving My Child’s Confidence With Something New

P got an early Christmas present from mom and dad this week.  A new bicycle.  Gone are the days of the trike or balance bike.  He is breezing down the street on his new bike with training wheels.  This new change in our family has helped me realize that not everyone progresses the same way when learning.

When P would ride his trike, he could pedal well and get some speed.  However, the balance bike was not computing in his brain.  The idea to use his feet like pedals and propel himself forward didn’t register.  He was basically sitting on the seat and walking it.  Rob and I tried a variety of different ways to encourage him on the balance bike.  A couple of weeks ago we were both frustrated that he wasn’t getting it.  Rather than us be frustrated that he doesn’t get one concept, Rob and I decided to play to P’s strengths.    We chatted and concluded that maybe a bigger bike with pedals is what he really needs to learn on instead of a balance bike.

During a family outing to REI and Performance Bicycle we tried on helmets and looked at bikes.  P was thrilled when we asked him if he would like a new bike and helmet.  He has hated wearing the helmet we have because of an incident.  See, about a year ago, the chin straps were too tight and accidentally pinched some skin while closing the clasp.   Since then he cringes or would have a meltdown about putting on a helmet.  Wearing a helmet is a non-negotiable when it comes to safety.  The staff at REI talked to us about proper fitting techniques and tried a couple of sizes.   Maybe a new helmet that he was comfortable with would make riding the balance bike better.  We tried the balance bike once more with the new helmet after being out shopping.  It resulted in more of the same:  frustrated parents and kid.

Rob and I had a discussion of getting him a bike for Christmas.  This is a bike for the next couple of years, so we didn’t want to spend too much on it.  We talked about a couple of second hand bike stores in the area and going to check them out.  Our schedules have been hectic and trying to fit in a trip to other stores was going to be challenging.

The magical email came from Target.  Pre-Black Friday deals had a bike for great price.  There were two we knew he would love, but ultimately settled on this one.  The reason this one won out?  It has a carrying case for cars.  I can’t tell you how many times we have gone for a ride and he wants to bring 4 cars and I have to carry them.  Now his bike has a case just for them and he filled it up for his first ride.

P came home from a long weekend at his grandparents and the bike was waiting for him in his room.  He beamed with excitement, “Is this for me?”  “Yep, just for you,” I replied.  He grabbed his new helmet and wanted to try out the new bike.  Papaw and I took him around the block.  Nerves set in and he struggled to get how the pedals move forward.  The pedals were going backwards and hitting the brake.  After a few tries, he got it.  Our bumpy sidewalk presented new obstacles like rocks and some gravel, but he navigated them well.

Monday night he went for a ride around the block and was zooming.  The pedals gave him less trouble and his frustration level was much lower.  His speed however has picked up greatly.  It was to the pace that I could jog along side him.  Rob and I were so proud to watch him begin mastering this new bike and build confidence.  He was able to save himself from falling a number of times, I think the balance bike did help correct if he was struggling.

Away he goes

While it’s scary to try something new and learn a new skill, this kid took to it instantly.  He’s boosting his confidence and seeing growth.  It is one of the best feelings as a parent.

When was the last time you tried something new?  Tell me below in the comments.

This post may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase something from those links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale.  

Tiny Scrap Quilt – Finished

tiny scrap quilt, scrap quilt, modern scrap quilt, amy butler cameo fabrics, stash quilt


After a disastrous start, the tiny scrap quilt is finished.  Having to redesign a project can be stressful.  However, I’m glad I wasn’t happy and stepped back for a few days.  Removing the white binding around the four square block was the right idea.  I combined the four squares to make an 8 x 8 larger block.

tiny scrap quilt block

I then a 2 inch white border was added on all sides of the block.  The new frame in white is more proportional to the block from the original idea.

tiny scrap quilt original design

I had always envisioned this quilt floating in a light Kona Ash gray.  It’s the perfect color to distract from the boldness of the Cameo scraps.

For the quilting I went with free motion quilting in an overall loops pattern.  My husband timed me and it took 40 minutes.  Holy camoly, can you believe that?  While digging through my stash during my clean out I found the backing print.  I thought it would be a nice compliment.

Bonus was finding Kona Pomegranate already made into binding.  This quilt is all scrap and stash.  Happy dance.

amy butler cameo tiny scrap quilt by quiltytherapy tiny scrap quilt, scrap quilt, modern scrap quilt, amy butler cameo fabrics, stash quilt

It’s now ready to head to it’s new home and snuggle a baby girl.

amy butler cameo tiny scrap quilt by quiltytherapy tiny scrap quilt, scrap quilt, modern scrap quilt, amy butler cameo fabrics, stash quilt


While trying to get some photos the other day, this happened.  The quilt fell over onto my head as I was taking a picture.  Real life.

The photo I did end up posting on Instagram was a hit.  Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions throughout this process.

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