Healthy Sewist – Sarah with Craftyfesta

I met Sarah through the Modern Instabee Hive 11.  As the year has progressed she has been posting many pictures on her Instagram account about her workouts, etc.  She is actually the one that got me on the #sweatnsew hashtag.

Pretty certain we could run some miles and discuss sewing, quilting, fabric, etc.  That sounds pretty awesome actually.

What do you do to keep yourself healthy?
I’m currently training for the Army Ten Miler, so I mostly run these days. I’m also doing PiYO when I can to supplement my running and to give me a chance to work out at home. Otherwise, I seek out other opportunities for calorie burn–mowing the lawn, carrying my toddler in the ergo around a park, etc. I also try to eat healthy. This is a constant challenge for me!! I have an incredible sweet tooth. I try to curb this by meal planning. It’s a chore that I don’t always do, but when I do I notice a change in the scale (woot!!) and it alleviates any second guessing as to what I’m going to eat.

What inspired you to start posting under #sweatnsew? How has it helped you?
I really enjoy seeing what other workouts people are doing. It keeps me motivated to post what I did and it also gives me a little push to get up and get moving if I haven’t done so already.

When it comes to sewing or exercise, which usually wins out?
Tough one–I guess exercise because it’s something I can do with my kids. I have a double Bob (we call him Robert) that I take out for runs. I can also do PiYO at home with the kiddos or I can take them to the gym and get in a work out. Sewing gets them too interested in what I’m doing and they poke and prod everything I’m working on; it makes for a frustrated sewist.

What impact has exercise had on your sewing, creativity, or quilting?
I find that exercise just gives me more energy in general. It clears my head and allows me to destress. Once I have a clear head it allows me to prioritize what I need to get done and then might I realize that I have some time to sew later in the day/night.

What kind of challenges do you face when it comes to staying active or being healthy?
Eating healthy food is a conscious effort for me. It’s a downward spiral–once I have some sweets I just go all in and indulge frequently and often. I try to plan when I can have treats; it doesn’t always work…trust me.

Do you have a favorite quote, technique, and/or exercise video to share with others?
I have found that strength exercises are SO important to an exercise regime. I used to just go on the treadmill and wonder why my body wasn’t changing. Find something you like–weights, PiYO, etc and it will help you get lean and see some muscles!

I think I’m going to have give PiYO a try, her posts have really got interested.

So readers, what are you doing today to stay healthy?



Thursday Treasury Feature

We are under 100 days away from Christmas.  I have a few handmade gift ideas on my list to be created.  What about you?  Well if you need a quick hostess gift, my potholders are ready to ship and travel to parties easily.

Here is a treasury featuring some Poinsettias to get you thinking about some potential Christmas gifts.

‘A Bouquet of Poinsettias ‘ by jeanniepelletier

Beautiful poinsettias from the HDM team…for a little early holiday spirit!

Poinsettia Christmas Ornamen…


Sequin Tipped Felt Poinsetti…


Love Finished Cross Stitch …


ON SALE 20% OFF – Large Chri…


Ceramic Bag Vase Christmas P…


Poinsettia Potholders, Pink …


Poinsettia Kitchen Tea Towel…


Poinsettia Christmas Ornamen…


Christmas Wreath Hand Made P…


poinsettia round hand embroi…


Feliz Navidad Sign, hand pai…


Tiny Christmas pillow for pi…


Large Gift Bag


Rustic Silver and Gold glass…


Winter, Christmas, Holiday Q…


Poinsettia Ornament hand sti…


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This Is My Quilt with Mary Fons

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this amazing opportunity I had back in March with none other than Mary Fons.  If you follow me on Instagram I posted a picture immediately, but not many details.  mary fons and iAs I was reading Hey Quilty one day they had a call out for Chicago area quilters in March to share a quilt.  Indy to Chicago isn’t that far and the Nagels love road trips.  The details were hashed out, quilts packed, and my anticipation/nerves were ridiculously high.

The concept behind This Is My Quilt is sharing the story behind your quilt.  From the picture you can see which one I picked.  Melissa’s quilt from last year’s State Fair Sewing Challenge. 

state fair sewing challenge quilt

Yes, I know my name is spelled incorrectly.  Let’s just embrace it and it’s a little too late to change it.  Other note, this is the correct link for Growler Girls.

The video is out now which makes me so excited and more nervous.  I talk all day for a living but here I am on video, with someone I admire.  Mary is this bubbly and was beyond nice, she made me feel right at home on set.  Her entire crew did as well.  The Quilty magazine with more of an interview is coming out in the Jan/Feb 2015 edition.

Here is a sneak peek of some extras.

This is my quilt and can’t believe this happened and I have a video to remind myself.


Wedding Quilt Extras

After completing the Wedding Quilt there were a number of left over squares.  In an effort to limit my scraps I thought some coordinating pillows would be fantastic.

There were enough scraps to make two throw pillows.  The first one is similar to the quilt and backed in Hello Kitty fabric.

coordinating throw pillowsI added bindings to each pillow.  My first thought…well that’s random.  With the finished product it works well.  Helps break up the fabrics and covers all the seams.

Probably will not try that again, at least the way I did the binding.  It was added to the top before I sewed the top and back together.  Instead I should have sewn to the top after I turned the pillow right sides out.

Second pillow is more of a Bears pillow.  The backing fabric was in my stash, I used all the Bears fabric on the back of the quilt.

coordinating throw pillowscoordinating throw pillowsThere are is still Hello Kitty fabric left.  Brittany will get something later, I need a break from these fabrics.

Now that this quilt is off to it’s new home it’s time to tackle my project list.  October is going to be a BUSY sewing month.  Not sure if there will be many posts until I’m caught up.  You may see snippets on Instagram and Facebook.

Finished Wedding Quilt

kaplan wedding quilt It’s done and I am beyond excited.  What do you think?

The top is somehow a good blend of all six colors.  The colors seem to have the same tone, nothing is too bright.

kaplan wedding quilt For the binding I found a large black and white polka dot print as I was organizing my stash.  It frames the quilt perfectly.  The quilting is done in a gray thread in a simple 1/4 inch from each seam.  Talk about a serious arm workout.

Basting the quilt was a real challenge too.  Took most of my living room floor.  Yes, that’s football in the background.  Jets/Bears game that Brittany and Dave were at.

me working on the quilt

The backing fabric are selections by my husband.  He went to Jo-Anns all by himself and picked them out.  I was almost blinded by all the Hello Kitty as I pieced the back.  kaplan wedding quiltThis may be the most pink I have used in a while.  Brittany will love it.  Dave may never turn the quilt over.  Hope the couple enjoys many snuggles under the quilt as their first wedding anniversary approaches.

Today I dropped the quilt at the post office.  It’s making it’s journey to New Jersey.  There are a couple of extras in the quilt.  I will share those later.

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