1,000 Push Up Challenge

1000 push up challenge

You read that number correctly.  I firmly believe you can do 1,000 push ups in March.  Rachael and I were talking at the gym last week that push ups will change your life.  It’s almost tank top season, time to work those arms.  You really work so much than your arms which is the best part.  You work your chest, back, glutes and abs.

There are 31 days in March.  You can fit 32.25 push ups into each day.  Make it work the best for you.  Maybe the first few days is only 10, we all have to start somewhere.  I will be tracking my progress throughout the month and sharing.

I made a quick calendar in word and have it posted up in my kitchen.  I’m going to make an X for each set of 10 that I complete.  100 Xs = 1,000 push ups.

1k push up challenge

Ready to join me?  You can do this!  Think of how you will feel in 30 days after completing the challenge.  Send me a picture of your completed calendar of 1,000 push ups and I will send you a small reward.

quiltytherapy at gmail dot com

Share you progress with the hastag #1kpushupchallenge throughout the month.

1,000 push ups will change your life

February Wrap up

February is over and I’m ready for spring.  I’m sure half of the country is as well.  So much snow and cold.  We did take some time last weekend to play in the snow.  I promise he did not get a snow ball to the face.  He face planted into the snow.  Kid loved it.

porter playing in the snow

With our kitchen remodel we had to rebuild some walls into our dining room, adding painting this room to the project.  As P napped, hubby and I painted our dining room.  I chose a blue that matches the blue in the tile backslash.  We just need a few more things to finish off the dining room.

new dining room

Since the sewing retreat I haven’t done much sewing.  I checked so much off my list that weekend.

imqg sewing retreat

Lotta Echo Plus quilt – done

lotta jansdotter ech plus quilt

Habitat quilt from forever ago – done

habitat improv quilt
This is one of my favorite pictures.

Blocks for an upcoming blog hop – started

charm dash block

Yeah I should probably spend some time this weekend finishing those and making the top.

I’m happy to report that my knee wasn’t damaged from my fall during the Lotta and Habitat quilt photo shoot.  It’s back to normal finally.

I waited until the coldest month to go outside and photograph many quilts this month.  I had a stack that I was just waiting for better daylight.  These aren’t great, but better than indoors.

michael miller challenge quilt

neptune baby quilt (3)

bright birch scrap quilt (3)

I was so cold after shooting these, I just wanted to snuggle under them.  Hubby was very sick for days and used the Bright Birch quilt for comfort.  It’s the perfect size to lay under on the couch.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been motivated to really use my stash and sew with what I have.  Someone replied to my Neptune and Lotta quilts as “use the good stuff”.  Absolutely.  I’m going to use the good stuff and treasure it instead of it sitting in a cabinet locked away.

February also brought some other changes to the blog.  I’ve updated the look a bit.  It’s not where I want it just yet, but that can come later this year.  A revision of the logo is in the works too.  My thoughts on change has really opened up a conversation and motivating me to try and define my vision.

revised logo 1

As one sewing bee finished, another started.  Modern Instabee wrapped up in January, but of course I didn’t get my blocks out until February.

february instabeen blocks

The Bee hive bee started as well.  It’s time to get to know another 11 quilters for a year.

swarm of tisha feb block

Not sure why I don’t share these blocks every month on the blog.  I do share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Pop over and take a look.

I’m ready for the nicer weather and to get outdoors more.  Maybe more won’t get sewn around here but I need the sunshine.  The one day it did hit around 50 degrees, P and I got a quick 3 mile run in.

p and i on a run

Alright March, what do you have in store for us.


Thoughts on Change

You may know by now that I spend my days helping others making healthy lifestyle choices.  During those hours I talk to people about CHANGE and how to implement the change into their lives.

Earlier this week a conversation with someone really sparked an idea.  He stated, “I’m expecting dramatic results.”  My response to him, “What are you doing that is dramatic to help you see those results?”  LONG PAUSE.

dramatic So I’ve asked myself, “What I am expecting dramatic changes with?”  Honestly, I think a big area is my blog and the business side of it.  I’ve been stagnant and not really moving myself forward.  With 2015 I have been working to position myself to what I envision for my blog and self.  As someone who works with SMART goals daily, I need to sit down and do this, seriously.

“Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  – Albert Einstein. 

How do I make my change realistic?

I need to create more and use what I have or get rid of it.  This blog guest blog post from October 2013 on Craftypod tells me I sit on things way too long.  These squares I have cut from projects, are still in square form.  I just finished my 2013 creative goal…make a quilt for myself.  See the Lotta quilt here.

Maybe it’s time for a big destash and purge to help me focus on few things and get more done?

Keeping a blog post schedule has helped me so far this year.  As ideas or plans come, I put them into my spreadsheet on Google Drive and give myself deadlines.  This has helped me stay on course and not forget to write and share what I’m working on.  I’ve also started the titles to many blog posts to make sure I’m making those blog posts happen.

I’m linking up with linky parties.  May not be much, but goes back to my blog post schedule, helps keep me focused and on schedule.  Plus gives me an opportunity to read other blogs and share.

There have been more comments and hits to my blog since I have started focusing on it again.  The work is paying off.

Getting out of my comfort zone is important too.  I’ve signed up to participate in a few new things.  I’m making a quilt on deadline to share as part of a blog tour in March.  That’s just the first few months of the year.

More changes and challenges for myself.  It’s really hard to balance being a mom, working full time, and trying to achieve my personal goals.  My goal isn’t to become a big/full time blogger, but a better sewist, creator, and quilter.

So I ask you the same questions.  What are you wanting to see dramatic change with?  What are you doing make those changes happen?


PS:  Some other changes are coming.


MQG Michael Miller Challenge – FINALLY Finished

michael miller challenge quilt Upon receiving this fabric last year as part of the Michael Miller Challenge I had an idea instantly and got right to work.  However, that idea did not pan out so well.  The original idea was something like a garden path and the blocks would be stepping stones.  Before I ripped the pieces apart if looked more like a drunken stumble path.

It was awful and not at all what I had envisioned.  The pile of fabrics was set aside for a bit to let me come up with a new design.

michael miller challenge quilt I have some triangle scraps that I was sorting through and the idea hit, let’s make triangles and keep it simple.  I grabbed some Kona Charcoal and white to add to the top and bottom.

michael miller challenge quilt The triangles were cut and randomly pieced together.  There are four rows of the pieced triangles.  Do you my goofs?  Some of the triangles aren’t going the correct way.  It adds character right?

For quilting I went with gray lines in the Kona Charcoal.  With the triangles, I wanted more color so some lines are orange, aqua, green, yellow, gray, and white.  You can see the colors in the picture above.

The backing is a leftover piece of a large sheet I had in my stash.  Binding is just scraps that were left over machine sewn all around.

SONY DSCHaving finally finished this quilt, I forgot to share.  Seems like a good time.  I’m tired of seeing so much snow and already thinking spring.  Consider me all caught up on challenges now.


Habitat Improv Quilt

habitat improv quilt

My February goal was to finish this WIP that has been in my stash for four years.  With the IMQG sewing retreat I knew this would be a great time to finish up this sucker.

As I laid the pieces out I knew I wanted to do something more improv than structured.  This quilt is really out of my general comfort zone for a couple of reasons.  The fabrics aren’t what I would usually be drawn to, hence the massive dragging my feet on it.  Improv piecing is something I haven’t done in a while and the quilting is straight lines but planned in quadrants.

I have to say just playing and letting a design come to me was really refreshing.

habitat improv quilt

Hardest part of the project was getting all of the pieces in one row to be roughly the same size.  I used almost all of the white scrap I had in my stash, it’s not a Kona White, but still blends in well.

For the backing I had found the orange and blue floral print at Jo-Anns in 2011 and knew this would be perfect with these fabrics.  I pieced together some larger scraps from the fabric to make it big enough.

habitat improv quilt Having my sewing friends around while working on this quilt was great.  As I started marking for the quilting, they had some great input.  The quilting is in light gray and each section of quilting is going a different direction.  LOVE IT!!!

habitat improv quilt Binding is scraps from the project and machine bound.  Whatever scraps were leftover were given away at the the retreat.  Felt good to finish a project I have been holding onto and get rid of the evidence.

The quilt is currently for sale on Etsy.  Pop over and take a look.

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Mark my February goal as complete.

2015 lovely year of finishes