May Goal Finished


rectangles and squares modern quilt

It feels amazing to be able to say this quilt is finished.  Over the last five years it has sat in my WIP pile of bags.  What a waste.

Pretty sure I have figured out what caused some of my rows to be way off and the quilt to be a bit wonky.  At a IMQG meeting someone noted that pinning my strips would have helped too.  Whoops!  I’m going to say the wonkiness is an artistic touch.  When you fold it in half, it’s straight.  Took 40 some cuts but it’s straight!!  Around 5 inches was lobbed off the bottom in an effort to make it more straight.  Cutting it off to be a baby size would have made all the extra piecing I did irrelevant.

rectangles and squares modern quilt

Notice the brown mulch under the quilt?  We spent some time this weekend sprucing up the yard.  As we listened to the Indy 500, we mulched, pulled weeds, and put out our new patio furniture.  Still not exactly how we want it, but a needed improvement.

For the quilting I did a modified free motion quilting in squares and rectangles.  It’s still straight lines and mimics the rectangles and square quilt blocks.  This pattern is pretty easy, doesn’t take too long, and works well with my machine.

rectangles and squares quilting

All stash fabrics and nothing new added in this quilt.  Even the backing and binding.  The batting is even pieced scraps.

backing of rectangles and squares quilt

Now this retro inspired color palette will be heading to a new home.  I can’t reveal the new owner just yet but they will appreciate it.  A few personalized touches need to be added to complete this gift.  With the scraps I’m going to whip up a pillow to coordinate with the quilt.

The best name I can come up with is Rectangles and Squares.  Do you have any good names for this quilt?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Fantasia Plus Quilt

I realized this week I had not shared the finished Fantasia Plus Quilt.  The quilt was finished over a month ago.  Here are some quick details:

  • Solids are Kona Mint and Kona Azalea.
  • Quilting thread is a variegated purple, orange, and pink that was randomly in my stash.
  • Back is a vintage sheet, it’s beyond soft.

fantasia plus quilt

Now I remember why I haven’t shared it and it’s fitting for how I received the fabric.  The generous Sara Lawson lost her grandfather as she started getting her new fabric in.  He was a big part of her life and she wanted to share her fabric instead of keeping it.

Right after I finished this quilt, my own grandma passed away.  She wasn’t the sweet and loving grandma; she was more rigid and showed little affection.  I learned from her how to sew, cook with LOTS of butter, and be a stubborn bitch.  We had not talked in some time due to family conflict.

It was a blow to me.  As a mother, I look at my son and wonder how someone could stop being apart of their child’s life?  She has missed out on many of the wonderful things that have happened to me in the last six years.  My dad has taken it pretty hard since it was his mother.  Don’t feel sorry for me, I mourned the loss of that relationship years ago.  Instead, think of my dad and his challenge of moving forward.  He’s doing amazingly well, but new drama continues to unfold.

UGH, I think I will just go drink a beer and forget those issues.  Sometimes family really sucks.  I am very thankful for the family I have and the constant love and support they show.

fantasia plus quilt

Something positive did come from this quilt.  Are you ready for cuteness overload?  No, it’s not puppies on quilts, rather an adorable baby.  This is my friend and her son.  Little man will be undergoing a major surgery later this month to correct something from birth.  I’m collecting cards as a surprise for her once they return from an extended stay in the hospital.  Email me at quiltytherapy @ gmail .com for more information.

such a grin
such a grin

My friend has this stunning tree blooming in her backyard and I knew it was the perfect spot to photograph this quilt.  I envisioned draping willows and blooms.  So we did a few photos with her and little man on the quilt.  Perfection.

blooming tree

Look how happy this momma is.




So in light of the recent things going on in my family I need to appreciate the amazing things going on around me.  As a family we are very blessed with wonderful people in our lives.

I appreciate Sara’s generosity.  Thanks for bearing with me as I finally wrote this post.  It’s good to put things out there sometimes.  You should pick up this Fantasia fabric.  Your 10 year old self will be thrilled.

May Goal

It’s seriously May already.  That’s good and bad for me.

For May I am going to quilt and bind my April Finish.  I was able to baste the quilt on Sunday as I watched Game of Thrones.  I’m still not happy with how far off the top is.  It’s crooked, you can still see it, but OH WELL.  That’s character right?  During quilting I should be able to straighten it a bit more.



The backing for this fabric has been in my stash forever.  One of those fabrics you buy a newer quilter to have in your stash because it’s on sale.  I used to be such a sucker for fabric sales, however I do adore this fabric.  Surprisingly I bought like two yards or more of it.


May is super busy as we prep for an upcoming show.  Growler Girls does a couple of shows per year and this is a BIG one.  As we are prepping, hubby has to prep for his work events in June as well.  Busy, busy, busy.  So while I may not post as much, just know I’m working on stuff and you will see the results in June and July.

July will be all about Christmas.  I will be having guest bloggers share tutorials for gift ideas, home decor, and general holiday awesomeness.

The weather has been gorgeous in Indy in these first few days of May.  Since we are talking Indy and the month of May, let’s not forget the Indy 500.  I plan to listen from home again this year and sew all day.  Maybe we can get a repeat of this picture.

There was so much mud after they were done "helping" us.
There was so much mud after they were done “helping” us.

Until then he will just help out in the garden.  He was elated to find a worm and watch it move around.  Too bad there is not video of his shrieking with delight.



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April Goal Finished

fat quarter throw quilt

April Goal – complete!

I finished this quilt last night at like 10:30 last night.  I was pretty excited to see the top come together.  Literally used the last little bit of Kona Snow I had to make one last strip.  So now I’m going to be in trouble.

Why?  Well take a look below.

fat quarter throw quilt

The quilt is crooked.  That’s inches off even though the top is straight and all the rows have the same amount of pieces.  I’m going to need to lob off some of the bottom and piece together a bordering strip with whatever I cut off and have left on some unused pieces.  It will finish as a throw size.  As I was piecing I thought it was going to be larger.  Glad it’s not.

fat quarter throw quilt

Considering how much of a funk I’ve been in this month, I’m taking this top the way it is as a win.  Not really sure why I was in a sewing rut but it happens from time to time.

I had the chance to just get out and run the other day.  No stroller or dog along with me.  Just me and some inappropriate music to just be blasting from my phone.  Headphones and I don’t get along since I wear a headset all day for work.  It was therapeutic to get out and enjoy the surroundings.  It was one of my last runs in these shoes.  They are being retired today.  They have served me well but maybe my new shoes will get me out of my rut.  New, wild, wacky ideas may come to me while on the road.  Stay tuned for one that has been turning in my head for a while.  With the nicer weather I can make it happen.



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Spring Cleaning Sale

MOVED UP TO NOW!!!!!!  Pop over to my Instagram


I’ve been cleaning and organizing my sewing spaces.  Yes that’s right, spaces.  All the tools and stuff from the kitchen renovation took over the back space we had set up for sewing and fabric storage.

Earlier this year I mentioned I have lots of potholders ready to be made, but I need to just sit down and do them.  Well I finally got motivated.

Starting on Thursday, April 23rd at 1pm EST I’m having two big sales.

All of the fabric and scraps I’m destashing will be posted on Instagram only with #thegreatfabricdestash hashtag.  There is some good stuff that I will be posting.

All of the potholders, ovenmitts, ornaments and some whole cloth quilts I have ready or ready to make will be listed on my Facebook page.  Anything not already made will be made in 5 days or less and sent out via USPS to the US only.  I will be combining shipping if necessary.

Let the Spring Cleaning Sale begin.


PS I normally do a Christmas in July sale but won’t be able to do that this year.