Workout Essentials

If you have been following my workout journey on Instagram, I appreciate the support. It feels great to prioritize my health goals. The number on the scale isn’t dropping as much but that wasn’t my primary focus. I am seeing changes in how my clothes fit, my strength, and gaining endurance. The gear I use also contributes to my success. I don’t want to spend an entire workout fighting with clothes, it’s distracting and will have an impact on your workout.

Having the right gear can make your workouts much more enjoyable. There are many options to choose from, but these are my tried and tested favorites. When I started running 20 years ago, I thought nothing about shoes or clothes. I bought whatever shoe I thought looked cool and wore some old cheer stuff to log the miles.

Cotton + Indiana humidity were not a good combination. This was before all the glorious performance fabrics we have available now.

I encourage you to find the right combination of things for your workouts. Trial and error is okay and may lead you to find something amazing. My top places to find gear at reasonable prices: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and thrift stores. Many races are now giving out performance fabric shirts and people donate them after a couple of years. I have also found some great running tanks on a Facebook swap group in my area. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are also my go to spot for workout socks. They can get expensive pretty quickly.

While I save money on socks and shirts, I do not scrimp on shoes and sport bras. These two areas will halt your workout goals pretty quickly. This is where I would start my trial and error then build out. Always check a stores return policy as well.

Sport Bras

For those with a cup size bigger than a C, be ready for a price shock to get a quality high impact sport bra that can support activities. With this being said, finding a fancy sports bras does make you feel a lot better when it comes to working out. Plus, it gives us women the support we need when it comes to exercising. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, that can make all the difference. Many manufacturers offer sport bras by cup size, but not all high impact bras are the same.


These are a great option for the price point. I was very wary at first, knowing that I could return it if it sucked. Well, it didn’t suck and exceeded my expectations. So much so, I have emailed Target to keep these stocked. Bonus: sometimes there is a 20% coupon with the Cartwheel App.


Moving Comfort has some good options as well. My personal preference is a sports bra without the Velcro adjustable straps, it bothers me while I run. The Maia has a bra closure and no Velcro. Do you notice the higher neckline on this one? It’s a detail that is hard to find and I appreciate.

Wearing the Maia in this picture from a workout.


Lots of options for tights. Almost too many options. I like Old Navy’s Go-Dry High or Mid Rise Compression Crops. They don’t wiggle down as I run or fight me while doing yoga. They stay put. I have enough issues while running, I don’t want to be that person fighting her tights the entire time. Lots of colors and patterns to choose from.


Finally, do not scrimp on your shoes. Sorry they won’t last years either. If you’re wearing them regularly they should be replaced every 300 – 500 miles. Make the effort to find a shoe store near you that specializes in running or walking shoes. Get fitted from knowledgeable staff that can recommend a shoe based on your gait and usage. You may pay more, but it’s worth it. Typically, they offer a 30 day return even if you’ve worn the shoe outside for miles. Brands change their style every “season”, so the shoe you have been in may not work with tweaks they make in the new model.

Maybe you find a new favorite. Don’t hesitate to share your favorites as well in the comments. I love hearing about products.




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