Word of the Year | 2023 | Follow Up

lake in the winter

After sharing my word of the year for 2023 I’ve been doing more thinking.  I’ve been jotting down notes and things to look at.  While on a walk the other day it hit me that my Amazon subscription is coming due.  Sure enough, it renews in February.  Will I renew it?


Going back over my last few months of credit card statements, it’s full of Amazon purchases and returns.  Looking over my wish lists I started asking if this item will bring me any added value or joy?  If not it’s okay to stay there for now.

I use my credit card instead of my debit card for the sheer fact that returns can take days to process.  Also, using my credit card was just easier.  Sometimes that doesn’t feel like real money until you see the total for the month.

My Target purchases link to my debit card, and those are felt immediately.  Amazon is not.

So, do I switch to my debit card?  Do I cancel Amazon?

No and Yes.

Yes, it’s time to cancel Amazon.  They changed the Amazon Music platform and it’s no longer enjoyable for me.  Most of the additional things with a Prime Membership are not something I want to use.  Plus, it’s just too easy to swipe and order.

I have Target and their shopping and brands have expanded over the last couple of years.  Plus, I like their customer service so much better.

Will I still shop on Amazon…likely for some things, but I can pay to ship when necessary.

With Amazon out…what is in?

Libby – the app that connects to my library for audiobooks

Pinterest – it’s nice to help plan and dream.

Pinterest for me is about ideas, recipes, and design.  It’s stimulating but doesn’t create FOMO.  Everything on there is curated, hell I curate my pins on there.  Like Instagram, we only see the positive.  This platform feels differently for me.  It’s a search engine, not social media.

The Calendar

Having a calendar printed out for accountability has helped.  I can see how many days I’ve gone not purchasing anything that isn’t essential.  I’m working to define what exactly is essential still.

Porter is doing soccer this spring and it’s his only sport.  Some could argue it’s not essential, but in this house it is.  He needs to be a part of an activity.

Most days have been easy to not spend anything.  The weekends are really hard.  It’s important to remind myself why I started this challenge, to break habits.  So, even if I do spend, it’s okay.  The goal is to get me to pause and think about it.  It’s working.

I do still want to live my life and have fun.  Maybe I don’t spend $40 for an activity.  Instead, I opt for something cheaper.

This is going to take some habit changes.