Winter Wonderland

Well it snowed, then snowed some more, and finally Indianapolis became the Arctic.  Someone posted this morning that Indy was the coldest US city when you add in windchill.  Most people get really excited for a snow day.  Since I work from home, I don’t get that luxury.

He loved playing in the snow.
He loved playing in the snow.

I prepped on Saturday for the storm and a ton of sewing stuff ready to go on Sunday, when the snow started.  I had a hand sewing project and quilting my Mosaic Tiles quilt.  Good thing I did, we lost power at 2pm on Sunday and didn’t come back on until 7am Monday.  I shouldn’t complain my friends just got power back after 37 hours.  I really wanted to do some quilting, but instead got to spend some quality time with friends.

mosaic tiles block


Our amazing friends let us come up and stay the night including our two dogs, they deserve a gold star for that.  While there I did get this project hand stitched.  Now I just need some time at the sewing machine. However this little gem is tempting fate over our power lines.

snowmageddon 2014 (1)


Hubby and I feel it’s only a matter of time before this falls and we are in trouble.  Ugh.

However it’s really pretty outside.  Don’t let it fool you, it is COLD!  With windchill it was -42 last night.

snowmageddon 2014 (2)


Stay safe and warm everyone.