Why I Left My Sewing Machine At Home

You read the title correctly.  Both of my machines are currently sitting in Indy and I’m in San Francisco.  They are not in the shop or broken.  I contemplated bringing them for a couple of days.  Ultimately, I decided to leave them behind.  Here are my three reasons why.

1.  I have a list to do a mile long

Did you know I have been working on two tutorials to share?  They have been months in the making.  Pictures are done and almost edited.  I have just been putting off sitting down and writing out the instructions.  So when the toddler wakes up at 5am PST, I have some time to cross these off my to do list.  Plus I work best early in the morning.


2.  Getting my inspiration back

This morning we went for a run around the Bay.  It was gorgeous and challenging at the same time.  While my to do list may be long, sometimes I just need to refresh and get a different perspective.  On the way back from the run I saw a painting on a building that really struck me.

How awesome would this look as a quilt?  Knowing that my scrap trash bag is full of solids I think I can make this happen.

art on building

3.  I wanted to try something different

Fear not, I did bring some stuff to sew with.  Last minute before leaving I did throw in a charm pack, needle, thread and scissors to my bag.  Maybe I will do some hand sewing, maybe I won’t.  On the run this morning I had an idea to create a Valentine’s day project with what I brought.  Rarely do I create holiday specific items and this project will cost me almost zero dollars.



Well I’m off to go explore and spend time with the family.