Wedding Quilt Update

This quilt is really coming along.  The first round of cutting I was short over 100 squares.  Probably should do the quilt math before I start cutting squares next time.

kaplan quilt blocks 3Rob has been in charge of pressing the seams after sewing.  Note:  this is not his favorite step.  Burning himself has been minimal and he’s doing a great job.

Most of the work has to be done by me from this point on.  Sewing and trimming the blocks.

kaplan quilt blocks 2Rather than trim after the half square triangles were made, I waited until they were in a 4 patch.  From the center line I measured out 4.25 inches.  kaplan quilt blocks 1This week I have managed to get every block sewn and trimmed.  Ready to piece the rows.  There are enough blocks and some leftovers.

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