Vintage Modern Monday – Kitchen Reno

Usually I discuss items I find that I like with the vintage modern feel in this series. Over the next few weeks I will be living this theme. As we take our 1927 bungalow and update it to have a more modern kitchen.

kitchen reno
Original 1927 hardwoods under LAYERS of terrible flooring options.

When we bought the house a few years ago, I thought it just needed some new countertops or even a new coffee machine and we would be good, I’d even checked out a delonghi dedica review. However, once we started using the space it was apparent we needed more counters and prep space. Let’s not forget the frozen pipes in the winter due to poor planning on the previous owner’s behalf. We have pondered and really tried to figure out what will be the best for us.

A few weeks ago we agreed on a color palette that will flow with the rest of our home.

kitchen colors
Loving the gold streaks. I think they will look great as pops of color with our current hardwoods.

Down goes the wall. I may have gotten sledge hammer happy. wall bashing 2 wall bashingLook at all that original lath we found. Those were each done by hand. I hated to tear it down but it had to go. We need something more open and makes the space look bigger. Plus we want a bar area we can eat at.

kitchen reno 2 open kitchen

After lots of cleaning this is the opening now into the kitchen. We would love to keep the original hardwoods exposed but they have been damaged over the years and not well maintained. Plus the water damage from the dishwasher leaking for years has left some dark spots permanently.

Once this kitchen is done, look for new features on the blog with more recipes and ideas. Prior to this I wouldn’t do any photos in my kitchen with the terrible light and layout.