Vintage Modern Monday

vintage renewed nine patch quiltWith all of the snow and cold we have had in Indy it’s nice to have a large lightweight quilt to keep on the couch.  This is the largest quilt I have quilted at home.  Repairing this quilt was fairly easily.

The piecing was done by machine, not many seams were damaged.  I took a trip to Jo-Anns to grab some coordinating solids and prints.  To renew the quilt I just adhered small squares over any holes.  They actually look like they belong on the quilt.

I wasn’t able to get out some of the stains but they blend for the most part.

vintage nine patch quiltThe backing is a sheet I found at a thrift store.  The sheet is actually one hubby and I had many years ago.  Funny how that works out.  The brown, black and gray stripes were perfect to go along with the prints on the top.

I wanted the quilting to be simple.  Three organic straight lines through the center of each block.  Really showcases the blocks on point.

straight line quiltingTo photograph this quilt was a challenge.  The renewed school down the street was the perfect location.  An old school that recently underwent a big renovation to make it more modern.  Out back is a large tall fence around the track that would hold this quilt.  My fence wouldn’t work considering we still have limbs from an earlier snow storm across the back of our yard.

ips school 91Let’s just saw it was COLD and windy that day.  Had to wrestle the quilt to get it to photograph.

vintage renewed nine patch quiltI came right home and snuggled under it.  Great way to end an afternoon.

This quilt is not perfect, it’s not museum quality.  It’s one I really wanted to use in my home and withstand an infant, two dogs, and life in general.

vintage renewed nine patch quilt