Vintage Modern Monday

In an effort to clean out closets my mom found 4 vintage quilts in need of repair.  Over the next few months I will highlight this journey on Mondays.  These are possibly my great grandmothers, however we are not 100% certain.  Either way I think they will be fun projects.

vintage quilt repair

This quilt is series of 9 block patches and plain squares.  With years of use there are tears and holes all over.  The seams are easy to repair but I would like input on what to do with the tears on the blocks.

vintage quilt repairThe 9 patch blocks are stripes and solids.  The fabrics look to be from the 30’s or 40’s, mostly old shirts.

My thoughts:

  • Use some of the vintage fabric I have from the 60’s or 70’s to make small squares on the blocks to cover tears
  • Cut out the squares and put new ones in
  • Or…open to suggestions

vintage quilt repair Leave a comment below for your suggestions.