Use the Good Stuff – Michele


Michele and I met through Indy Modern Quilt Guild.  She’s vibrant, sassy, and also has a fabric addiction.  Hint:  she’s a Tula lover.  I handed over the last of my Neptune scraps to her since I knew they would be put to good use.  Michele talks below about using the good stuff and the process for her.

Grab some coffee or gin (something Michele likes) and read away.

What fabric were you scared/nervous to use?

I finally used my Parisville collection by Tula Pink. I’m actually scared to cut into any of my Tula stash as a general rule.

Gonna cut it!

What drew you to it originally?

I love the hidden designs found in Tula’s work. In Parisville specifically, I loved the rats that are scattered about in the cameo fabrics.

How long had you held on to the fabric?

Parisville came out in 2010, I believe. I purchased a half yard bundle at that time.

What was you motivation to give it a go?

I was attending the Sewtopia retreat in Chicago and one of the patterns being taught was Latifah Saafir’s Molehills. The pattern called for 16 half yard cuts and I knew the Parisville would be perfect.

Molehills on wall

Did you think about quitting and packing it back up at any time?

Ha! Um, yes. I prepped all my fabric a few days before I left and I loved getting it out and looking at all the details again. I was so excited to finally be using it and featuring it in a quilt that was very different from anything I had done before. All was fine until I got to Chicago and actually laid the fabric out to cut it. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. One of my table-mates literally whispered “Just do it already!” when she saw me hesitating. Latifah came around about that time and said that she couldn’t wait to see how my fabrics would come together and finally, I made the first cut.

Molehill top


Where is the project now?

Finished! I am looking for just the right place to hang it because, well, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Molehills close-up
Adore your straight line quilting.
Molehills finished

What else is in your stash that you are holding on to?

Gracious – I’m going to look like a hoarder, but here’s a few: all of Salt Water, all of Elizabeth, all of Moon Shine, all of Acacia and some pieces of Prince Charming. I also have some Cotton and Steel Viewfinders that I can’t bring myself to cut up yet. I am proud to say that I did use all of my Neptune and most of my Prince Charming, so not all hope is lost!

Would you do it again?

Hoard or cut? Probably both. I tend to hold on to fabric until I think I find just the right pattern or idea. It may take a while, but yeah, it’ll get used eventually.

Other details you want us know?

I am glad I waited for just the right project to come along for the fabric, but I also wish I could speed that process up. I think it’s crazy how quickly fabrics come and go anymore and I hate to be in a rush to use a beautiful piece just because there’s something else new coming out and I don’t want fabric to sit and gather dust. I just haven’t found an even pace for that process yet. I’m slower in making things than manufacturers are at bringing them to market.

You can find Michele on Instagram @mifarley.

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