Upcycled Tie Pillow

upcylced tie pillow This project has been long overdue, almost 3 years.  After the bridesmaid dress quilt I wanted to try and upcycle men’s ties into a quilt.  My father in law graciously gave me a bunch of his along with one of our friends.  I ripped them all apart and set them aside.

Later that December my father in law passed very unexpectedly.  The third anniversary was just a few weeks ago. Losing a parent is hard and has taken our family some time to heal.  This post sums up how I felt three years ago.

As we have been unpacking my fabric into the back room I found the bag of ties.  The idea immediately came to me to make a pillow cover for my brother in law and mother in law for Christmas using these.  There was enough interfacing left over from the t-shirt quilts that I didn’t have to run out and get more. Considering I do most of my creative work from 8PM – 11PM having stuff on hand is a bonus for me.

Of course I started working on these December 27th. Yes, after Christmas presents now. Sorry for the low light photos it was late at night and our living room isn’t great for light.  I wanted to show how I made these blocks.

tie pillow 4

tie pillow 5I took these pieces and trimmed them into 3″ squares.  In my scrap bags I grabbed two different shades of gray to create half square triangles.  My original vision was half square triangles with differing grays.

tie pillow squaresAfter pairing the tie squares and solids, I created half square triangles. The seams are pressed open and I did not trim up the blocks.

tie pillow half square triangles
Each square was placed to be a light gray then medium gray alternating.

The piecing was fairly easy on the first one. I should have used pins to match up seams. My mother in law didn’t seem to mind. I backed the pillow in a solid brown scrap. Added bonus I still had some stuffing from making pillows a while back. Have you tried to fight the crowd at Jo-anns on a weekend? I truly best to avoid that places except late at night. No one is there.

She was excited to take it home with her a couple of weeks ago.  Kevin…yours will be in the mail this weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek if you can’t wait.  See I buried it at the bottom.

upcycled men's tie pillowI finished the last two up this week.  Rob and I were sitting around watching Homeland while I stuffed pillows.  Not sure if he realized it or not, but I was wearing his dad’s old Giants shirt, stuffing the pillows made from his dad’s ties.

recycled men's tie pillow  Each pillow is different and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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