Trying My Hand at Fabric Overdying

I have been wanting to dye this quilt FOREVER!!!   It’s part of the motivation for 10 Different Blog Post Ideas for Quilters.  We planned to rip up our deck, so this is a perfect time to dye and make a mess.

Brace yourself.  If you are a fan of antique quilts turn away now.  From here on out I’m overdying an antique quilt. What you are about to witness is a transformation of an unloved hand pieced semi completed Lone Star block made by Sally.   Sally is a fake name used to protect the innocent.  This quilt came into my possession years ago from an estate sale and I have been plagued with how to actually finish it.

antique hand pieced lone star block

I find it difficult to take someone’s original creation and finish it if I do not know their intention.  Sally obviously put hours of work into this project and it deserves respect.  It’s going to be a modern and functional quilt once completed.  It will be looking for a new home to love it and put it to use.

Another member of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild, Karen, has done some amazing things with fabric dying with a more modern spin on it.  Okay she inspired me to dye this quilt.  This technique required me to do some research.  I haven’t fabric dyed since I was a kid with my grandma.  We made some gnarly tie dyed shirts and I loved the process.

Sharktooth overdyes antique/vintage quilts to sell.  Cheryl Arkison has a discussion going since 2014 about it.  I learn towards the art side.  If you’re still reading, I hope you do too.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone in wanting to change something.

People refurbish antique furniture all the time and it’s trendy.  Why can’t changing a quilt be trendy too?

For this project I have chosen to use Dylon Permanent Fabric Dye in Violet.  Purple sounded interesting to really cover this quilt.  My lovely assistant loved stirring the water and did a wonderful job not making a huge mess.

overdying a vintage quilt (2)

overdying a vintage quilt (1)

It’s air drying in the basement and looks fantastic.  Sorry no peeking.  I’m hoping to share at least the quilt top with you by the end of the month.