Top Posts from 2015

Last week I shared my favorite posts from this year, really some great quilts and projects.  My favorites vary from what you and the internet find as favorites.  Analytics kind of geek me out.  Seriously, this is exciting information for me.

Without further ado:

Bright Birch Scrap Quilt

This one doesn’t shock me at the least.  It’s also one of my favorites, but I saved it for this post.  We use this quilt all the time and goes everywhere with us.  It went on a few adventures this summer and it’s currently being used on our basement couch.  Perfect size and great use of scraps.  Add this one to your list and make it!

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (2)
Rainbow Scrappy Charming Plus Quilt

This one I had to be a bit secretive about.  Folks, I lied when I said it was being mailed out.  NOPE!  It was a gift for someone that I know follows my blog and social media.  Since I wanted to keep it as a surprise, I used some different language on my post.  She loves the quilt and doesn’t let others use it.

stacked windmills bella quilt regular
Stacked Windmills Bella Quilt

Stacked Windmills Bella quilt kind of surprised me.  It was supposed to be a gender neutral quilt, but the baby came a bit early.  Turns out it’s a girl.  I was very torn as to remake something more girly or let it ride.  The feedback in the comments was perfect.  Thanks so much for all your kind words about being okay to not be super girly and letting girls know colors don’t define them.

simple charm quilt
Cloudy Skies and Rainbows Quilt

Pretty sure this was a hard quilt to make and honestly write about.  The events around this quilt are still just hard to fathom and talk about.  I wanted to process my own grief and give someone a bright and cheery item as they move forward with their grief.  It was a dark time for me, I will be honest.  Right after this quilt was made and sent, I lost my grandpa too.  He was my last remaining grandparent and that relationship was strained for years.  If I’m going to create and share I feel it’s important to give both the lows and highs.

Molehills finished
Molehills Quilt

One of those highs was Michele’s Use The Good Stuff quilt.  She is quite the fangirl of Tula Pink.  She was the perfect person to kick off this series.  I hope to share more with you in 2016.

Again, thanks for reading and supporting me through my creative journey.  Here’s to 2015!

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