Thoughts on Change

You may know by now that I spend my days helping others making healthy lifestyle choices.  During those hours I talk to people about CHANGE and how to implement the change into their lives.

Earlier this week a conversation with someone really sparked an idea.  He stated, “I’m expecting dramatic results.”  My response to him, “What are you doing that is dramatic to help you see those results?”  LONG PAUSE.

dramatic So I’ve asked myself, “What I am expecting dramatic changes with?”  Honestly, I think a big area is my blog and the business side of it.  I’ve been stagnant and not really moving myself forward.  With 2015 I have been working to position myself to what I envision for my blog and self.  As someone who works with SMART goals daily, I need to sit down and do this, seriously.

“Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  – Albert Einstein. 

How do I make my change realistic?

I need to create more and use what I have or get rid of it.  This blog guest blog post from October 2013 on Craftypod tells me I sit on things way too long.  These squares I have cut from projects, are still in square form.  I just finished my 2013 creative goal…make a quilt for myself.  See the Lotta quilt here.

Maybe it’s time for a big destash and purge to help me focus on few things and get more done?

Keeping a blog post schedule has helped me so far this year.  As ideas or plans come, I put them into my spreadsheet on Google Drive and give myself deadlines.  This has helped me stay on course and not forget to write and share what I’m working on.  I’ve also started the titles to many blog posts to make sure I’m making those blog posts happen.

I’m linking up with linky parties.  May not be much, but goes back to my blog post schedule, helps keep me focused and on schedule.  Plus gives me an opportunity to read other blogs and share.

There have been more comments and hits to my blog since I have started focusing on it again.  The work is paying off.

Getting out of my comfort zone is important too.  I’ve signed up to participate in a few new things.  I’m making a quilt on deadline to share as part of a blog tour in March.  That’s just the first few months of the year.

More changes and challenges for myself.  It’s really hard to balance being a mom, working full time, and trying to achieve my personal goals.  My goal isn’t to become a big/full time blogger, but a better sewist, creator, and quilter.

So I ask you the same questions.  What are you wanting to see dramatic change with?  What are you doing make those changes happen?


PS:  Some other changes are coming.