This Is My Quilt with Mary Fons

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this amazing opportunity I had back in March with none other than Mary Fons.  If you follow me on Instagram I posted a picture immediately, but not many details.  mary fons and iAs I was reading Hey Quilty one day they had a call out for Chicago area quilters in March to share a quilt.  Indy to Chicago isn’t that far and the Nagels love road trips.  The details were hashed out, quilts packed, and my anticipation/nerves were ridiculously high.

The concept behind This Is My Quilt is sharing the story behind your quilt.  From the picture you can see which one I picked.  Melissa’s quilt from last year’s State Fair Sewing Challenge. 

state fair sewing challenge quilt

Yes, I know my name is spelled incorrectly.  Let’s just embrace it and it’s a little too late to change it.  Other note, this is the correct link for Growler Girls.

The video is out now which makes me so excited and more nervous.  I talk all day for a living but here I am on video, with someone I admire.  Mary is this bubbly and was beyond nice, she made me feel right at home on set.  Her entire crew did as well.  The Quilty magazine with more of an interview is coming out in the Jan/Feb 2015 edition.

Here is a sneak peek of some extras.

This is my quilt and can’t believe this happened and I have a video to remind myself.