Things that I am thankful for in 2012

This year really started off rough.  My family lost two important people over the course of 8 weeks.  However, my family and friends provided lots of strength and encouragement to get me through.  First thing I’m thankful for is STRENGTH.

Sewing can be a source of frustration for me at times and also a wonderful creative outlet.  Over the year I have gotten out of my comfort zone and tried new things.  This makes me thankful for CHALLENGES.  Without them you may never grow.


This was a challenging quilt since I’ve never done anything like it.

Having gone through my first trimester of this pregnancy I am thankful for SLEEP.  I have always been a fast paced person with lots on her plate.  Right now I have to learn to say no to some things and take some things off my plate.  I have to rest or I’m a cranky person.

Take the time this holiday season and enjoy your family and friends.  I’m looking forward to it and finishing 2012.