The Healthy Sewist

Being healthy is a journey with no defined ending or beginning. Just stops or milestones along the way. Prior to my pregnancy I had struggled with my weight a few times, but nothing prepared me for my post pregnancy body. I recently hit a milestone so I want to share the challenges and triumphs I have experienced over the last 18 months to get back me.

me at the playground

Pregnancy, labor and delivery, plus recovery was not great for me. It really took a toll on my body. I remember the first day I went to run after I had clearance from my doctor. UGH, it was bad. I also had not run in almost a year. It was mostly a walk and my running partner of course fell asleep. So lots of walking for me. Gradually I worked myself back up to running and it was wonderful. My stress outlet was back and I was regaining strength. As I returned to working full time and adjusting to my new daily regiment, the activity tapered off. There was more of this porter and mommy snugglesand this in my downtime.

lots of sewingWork became hectic, the winter was cold, I overate, and a variety of other reasons/excuses I got out my activity routine. My wonderful husband would try to encourage me but I was in a fitness funk.

Goodness Tisha, you talk to people about making healthy lifestyle decisions everyday for work and you’re not helping yourself. Rarely did I let someone take my picture because I didn’t want to see myself. A few things really got me refocused and ready to work on myself. Porter’s first birthday and this picture.

me and mary fons

Here I am the proudest I have been with my quilting and I am not at all comfortable in my skin. Porter was starting to walk which meant I would be chasing him around more. I needed energy to keep up with him and myself. We did some hiking as a family on our trip to Arizona and things just started to click after that.

It was not easy to eat healthy all the time and stay active when you’re also renovating your kitchen. We have really tried to limit eating out and focus on cooking at home. Lots of salads, cheats from Fresh Market and Taco Tuesdays really got us through the renovation.

With new running shoes and warmer weather I started running again. I was going to buy some Vessi vegan running shoes but I found a pair that I liked and decided to buy them. It’s great to start running again!

new running shoesHubby, Porter and I started with 2-3 nights per week for 3 miles. The strength started to come back so the mileage started to go up. Running with a jogging stroller, you might as well add half mile to mile of resistance to your workouts. Saturday mornings we push ourselves to do more miles. Here we are wrapping up 6 miles. running with babyI’m still not great on eating healthy but I am slowly working on it. It’s about balance for me. Should I choose to eat something that’s high in calories, I try to eat better the rest of the day or throw in more activity. I’m almost back to my pre baby body. It feels good to put on clothes that are now too loose.

So why am I spilling all of this? I have a hobby/side business, whatever you want to call it. I call it part of daily life that is SEDENTARY. You can’t really sew and walk on a treadmill. We are entering into the fall and winter months when it’s not as light out and the motivation goes down. Sewing usually goes up because well it’s indoors. Sitting under your current quilt project helps keep you warm.

I want to challenge my readers and quilting friends to stay active this winter. We need to fight quilter’s butt and expanding waistlines. Let’s step out from behind the quilts and support each one another’s journeys. We will all be happier come spring.

Each week I want to feature a quilter, sewist, etc that is staying physically active. Are you willing to share? Do you know of someone? Is there someone that has been motivation for you? Email me at quiltytherapy @ gmail .com.

*This is not a weight loss challenge, it’s about staying active and improving health.