The Best Christmas Gift

As a mom, Christmas isn’t about me. It’s always about P and others. This year was no different. There are needs and wants that I have this holiday season. I’m too proud to share my needs.

However P was asking what I wanted. My response has been just hugs and kisses. He told my mom and she helped him make it happen. He was so excited to show me. On Christmas morning this was his gift.

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I loved it and I teared up at the idea. He was very excited for me to open it. My next gift was socks, exactly what I needed. Boxing wears your socks out. Ha. P got me exactly what I wanted and needed this Christmas.

The rest of the day was all about P and the magic of Christmas for a five year old. It was magical and full of family time.

Maybe a little too much family time. Boss had enough.

As a mom, I think this was the best Christmas. Now I wonder how much of that candy P actually eats instead of me.

What did you get for Christmas?