Weekend Blitz of Quilting

Fridays are my day off from my grown up job and are usually spent in the sewing room.  Has to be one of my favorite parts of the week.  I have around 8-10 hours to just get projects done with the occasional interruption from the assistants.

Last Friday my goal was to finish a couple of projects I had laying around that I just hadn’t quite finished yet.  One quilt top had been on the design wall for some time.  Top complete but having creative block with the backing.  I had taken left over squares to a number of quilt stores looking for the perfect fabric for the back.  Some time last week I started going through my big scrap pieces and stash for another project and found some fabrics that could work.

I decided to just make a back with what I had, the colors were close and coordinated.  Turns out that I LOVE the backing more than the front.  Also love the binding fabric.  It’s a hodge podge of fabrics and prints, but isn’t that would quilting should be?   Check that one off the list last Friday.  It was completed right before hubby got home from work.

Throughout the day on Twitter on Facebook I had been showing another quilt I was working on, the Square Scraps.  It felt wonderful to make 4 quilts out of a fabrics that were already in my stash.  There is enough left over to make a cute mug rug or even some potholders.  Who knows what is next for those scraps?

Here is the final project.  The cream fabric strips really added some pop and size to the quilt.  It was pinned prior to the start of Sunday Football after cleaning the house.  It was a really busy morning.  After football ended the depression started at my house.  Both the Giants and the Colts lost, not a good way to start our seasons.  Off to the sewing room I wen to try to quilt this before the start of True Blood.  Quilting done but the binding wasn’t done until about 9:10.  Luckily it’s programmed to DVR.  Binding was finished during the episode and completed Monday morning.

Overall it was a productive weekend.  Wonder what I can do this week when hubby works all day on Friday and some on Saturday??

Rose quilt for sale here in my Etsy shop

Quilted playmat for sale here in my Etsy shop

June Challenge

For June Indianapolis Moder Quilt Guild is challenging members to complete a project and show it off.  We will have a pizza party to celebrate everyone’s hard work in June.  I have been thinking, what will I finish.  I have a couple of quilts due for people this month, but that’s not the same. 

Then I was thinking I have a quilt that just needs to be sandwhiched and quilted.  It’s my green and brown baby quilt that I have been working on forever.  Okay time to get to it.