News Thread 7.15

This week has been awesome.  I started a new job and I’m doing some off hours for training.  The best part is in two weeks I’ll be working 3pm-11pm so I can spend my mornings sewing.

Here is what I have been working to finalize all this week:

Custom Baby Quilt

I have everything ready to go on a couple more quilts, just need to sit down and do them.  I don’t have three days this week to just sit and sew.

News Thread 5.12

It’s May 12th, May is almost over. 

This week work is once again taking over my time and not giving me too much free time to sew.  Last night I got home at 9:30 and might be the same away again today.  I should get to take a half day on Friday, so let’s hope I can sew on my afternoon off. 

Projects going on:

  • Friends wedding quilt from November:  Moved a few inches yesterday while I was looking for my circle templates. 
  • Her baby quilt due by August:  Got the cirlces cut out of green and brown fabrics. 

  • Other baby quilt:  WHERE did I place the fabric??  The baby is already a month old. 

I did take some time yesterday at work to make circles and cut them out.  I felt productive.  Luckily, I make calls most of the day so I can use my hands while I’m talking and “customers” don’t come in our office.  They would probably laugh at me if they did.  My coworkers embrace my sewing and creating so that works well for me. 

Off to get today going and head to the office.