Wedded Bliss

For friends that are getting married, I really like to to create something handmade with their colors or a special touch.  Last year I was asked to make potholders as the invitation to be apart of a couple’s big day.  Here is a write up from the Matron of Honor.

After completing 10 sets, there was plenty of fabric leftover.  The idea to make the couple something came to mind.  The bride gave me back the scraps after she was done creating her wedding party invitations.  Needless to say, this quilt has been in creative mode for some time.

Using a set pattern was not fitting for this gift.  Around each big scrap and the smaller ones, white fabric was added.  It is a white on white fabric to give an extra pop.  Only a couple of fat quarters from my stash were needed to finish the top.  Thanks to the Quilts Plus annual yardage sale there were a few options for the back.

The quilt is more of a small picnic quilt, just enough room for the couple to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  So my gift had a picnic theme.  Found a wonderful local vintage seller, Unexpected Elegance, with a picnic basket.  Since the couple met in Indy, got engaged in Indy, got married in Indy, and live in Indy, I wanted the gift to also include a local wine.  I opted for Easley Winery’s Reggae Red, nice and light for a picnic.

Hope the couple has many memories and dates with this quilt.

Thank You Gma

I spent some time with my gma this weekend.  This the woman that has basically made me the woman that I am today.  Plus she allowed me to just be myself as a kid.  I got to pretend, play dress up (she had a great dancing wardrobe), sew, and run around outside.  Overall, it was a pretty awesome childhood.

My coworker and I were talking this week about who taught us to sew.  I told her the story of sitting at the sewing machine saying my ABC’s & 123’s as a kid.  Good think I didn’t injure myself.  There was also a good chance I was rocking back in the kitchen chair too, a BIG NO-NO. 

My gma is 96, my mom was an oops when my she was 45.  I have uncles that are close to age of my dad’s parents.  She is very traditional and a sweet loving woman.  I had the hardest time understanding with I wasn’t a “GREAT” grandkid when all the other kids were my age. 

Unfortunately at 96 memories fade, the body isn’t what it used to be, the mind doesn’t put it all together.  Up until about August 2009 she was sharp, just physically slowed down.  Someone asked me the other day how she was and this was my response:

“My gma is not the woman that everyone once knew.  She is not strong, stubborn, and free willed anymore.  She is now a frail old woman.”

I can say that because I have watched her become that and it is not what she wants.  That’s not the way I remember her.  I remember her as the woman that let me be creative and express myself.  Guide me through life to become a great woman.  Give me life lessons that only she could. 

It’s harder to go see her know.  I used to really look forward to it.  Now it just breaks my heart.  Here is a photo of her at my wedding.  She sometimes doesn’t know she was there.  But she LOVES anything I create her and will talk about it for weeks. 

Bad smiles from the Bride and Groom, but our faces hurt by this point.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Call a loved one and tell them how much they mean to you.  I’m looking forward to the next time I can give my gma a hug.  My generation tends to forget about the very important people in their lives and focuses instead on themselves a bit too much.

wedding dress part 1

Holy Camoly I actually started to deconstruct my dress.  Very odd since the week before I was wearing it and LOVING it. 

I have taken the inner dress out and separated the bodice from the bottom of the dress. 

Being under all of that fabric was toasty.  No wonder my assistant was trying to snuggle up to me.  She did not make ripping seams any easier. I found her this week sleeping on the dress in my sewing room.  She must be a fan.

Dress Deconstruction

Saturday evening while watching the Kentucky Derby I am going to start deconstructing my wedding dress.  I LOVED the beading work in it and want to keep it. 

Here I am doing my "Golddigger" dance

Here are my plans for deconstructing the dress and using it’s parts in other projects. 

  • Take the beading in the top away from the inner structure and cut into two inch strips.  I plan to use it around the borders of our wedding photos.
  • Press out the folds in the champagne satin.  Cut into two inch strips and use it around the border of wedding photos as well. 
  • I might give a small piece to both my mother and mother in law. 

I am taking the beading and buttons that ran down the back of the dress and using it around photos as well. 

The rest of the skirt will be kept until we have a baby.  I want to use the skirt as the back of our 1st baby’s quilt.  It’s not a satin so this idea should work out. 

The dress was altered too much to fit me to try to resell it online.  Plus, who wants to part with all of those awesome beads?

I REALLY Need to Spend Some Time Sewing

Thank you for the wedding advice last week.  It was a whirlwind and an amazing event. 

Wow, it has really been a few weeks since I have sat down and sewed.  I am anxiously awaiting getting back to sitting in front of my machine. 

The amount of projects that I have is amazing.  Here is my list of May projects to get working on:

1.  Finish a wedding quilt for a friend married in November

2.  Start and finish a baby quilt for Jett born 3 weeks ago.

3.  Start baby quilt from November wedding.  Yep, a honeymoon baby is on the way. 

4.  Deconstruct my wedding dress.  I am taking the beading and satin off to use around our wedding photos.  The skirt will be saved for a quilt when we decide to have kids. 

5.  Make more stuff for my Etsy.  I’ve had a few views on items, but no buyers.  My in-laws received quite a few of my potholders over the weekend.  Time to make more. 

Here is a photo from this weekend’s festivities. 

Taken on Butler University's Campus.