News Thread 5.12

It’s May 12th, May is almost over. 

This week work is once again taking over my time and not giving me too much free time to sew.  Last night I got home at 9:30 and might be the same away again today.  I should get to take a half day on Friday, so let’s hope I can sew on my afternoon off. 

Projects going on:

  • Friends wedding quilt from November:  Moved a few inches yesterday while I was looking for my circle templates. 
  • Her baby quilt due by August:  Got the cirlces cut out of green and brown fabrics. 

  • Other baby quilt:  WHERE did I place the fabric??  The baby is already a month old. 

I did take some time yesterday at work to make circles and cut them out.  I felt productive.  Luckily, I make calls most of the day so I can use my hands while I’m talking and “customers” don’t come in our office.  They would probably laugh at me if they did.  My coworkers embrace my sewing and creating so that works well for me. 

Off to get today going and head to the office.

I REALLY Need to Spend Some Time Sewing

Thank you for the wedding advice last week.  It was a whirlwind and an amazing event. 

Wow, it has really been a few weeks since I have sat down and sewed.  I am anxiously awaiting getting back to sitting in front of my machine. 

The amount of projects that I have is amazing.  Here is my list of May projects to get working on:

1.  Finish a wedding quilt for a friend married in November

2.  Start and finish a baby quilt for Jett born 3 weeks ago.

3.  Start baby quilt from November wedding.  Yep, a honeymoon baby is on the way. 

4.  Deconstruct my wedding dress.  I am taking the beading and satin off to use around our wedding photos.  The skirt will be saved for a quilt when we decide to have kids. 

5.  Make more stuff for my Etsy.  I’ve had a few views on items, but no buyers.  My in-laws received quite a few of my potholders over the weekend.  Time to make more. 

Here is a photo from this weekend’s festivities. 

Taken on Butler University's Campus.

News Threads 1.30

This is a great weekend for me to sew.  I’m locking myself in the house and working on projects.  Since I’m staying with my parents, they have lost their dining room table to my “little” hobby.  They are going to be out of town this weekend to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary.  They deserve it!!! 

Here is my list of current projects:

  • Charm Pack Pot Holders.  I have quite a few charm packs waiting to be arranged, pressed, cut and completed.  Plus, I have a few to finish from my first batch.  And…a couple to repair, I forgot the loop. 
  • Mrs. Page’s wedding quilt.  Her colors were fall colors and I think I have done a great job of capturing those colors in this quilt.  The top is complete and measured.  Now I just need to baste and quilt. 
  • Bohemian Chic table topper.  I had some manufacturer’s sample of this line from Michael Miller that I created a cute little table topper.  If there was more of the fabric it would have been a great chic baby quilt.  Very colorful and bold.  No clue what I will do with it though. 

What are you working on this weekend?

New Year, New Projects

Finally, 2009 is over.  The year sucked for me personally but my quilting improved quite a bit.  So overall, it is a toss up. 

On to the projects that will be in the line up for 2010.  Last year was mostly wedding quilts for friends.  My citrus colored quilt is complete.  After months of working on the quilting and ripping out stitches, it has been delivered.  I love the contrast of colors and the effect of the large blocks.  The veragated thread keeps the colors blending all over the quilt.  The black and white border really adds some pop to the overall look.  Black is my favorite color to accent any project with.  My original plan for this quilt was the Cascading Colors pattern.  I thought that pattern might detract from the yellow block’s center print. 

This year there will be two confirmed baby quilts and possibly more to come.  I’m also finishing a couple of wedding quilts that are overdue.  Yes, I am a slacker on some of these projects.  Most of the time, the project is bigger than I anticipated.  Better yet, life happens and sewing doesn’t happen for a few days. 

I’m taking orders for custom quilts during 2010 is anyone is looking for a special gift. 

During my last days working at the quilt shop, I purchased fabric to finally make myself a quilt.  In 10 years of quilting, I have never kept a project.  Over the last few months I have been contemplating making a Log Cabin quilt.  This is much more traditional for me and would be a great challenge.  I would actually have to follow a pattern to make this turn out decent.  Also, since I will be getting married this spring, it’s appropriate to make myself a wedding quilt. 

The fabric choice was easy since our color palette is pretty neutral around the house.  My dark print is a Lonni Rossi Andover print from her Paint Box collection.  Can’t wait to show pictures throughout the winter/spring.