Wedded Bliss

For friends that are getting married, I really like to to create something handmade with their colors or a special touch.  Last year I was asked to make potholders as the invitation to be apart of a couple’s big day.  Here is a write up from the Matron of Honor.

After completing 10 sets, there was plenty of fabric leftover.  The idea to make the couple something came to mind.  The bride gave me back the scraps after she was done creating her wedding party invitations.  Needless to say, this quilt has been in creative mode for some time.

Using a set pattern was not fitting for this gift.  Around each big scrap and the smaller ones, white fabric was added.  It is a white on white fabric to give an extra pop.  Only a couple of fat quarters from my stash were needed to finish the top.  Thanks to the Quilts Plus annual yardage sale there were a few options for the back.

The quilt is more of a small picnic quilt, just enough room for the couple to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  So my gift had a picnic theme.  Found a wonderful local vintage seller, Unexpected Elegance, with a picnic basket.  Since the couple met in Indy, got engaged in Indy, got married in Indy, and live in Indy, I wanted the gift to also include a local wine.  I opted for Easley Winery’s Reggae Red, nice and light for a picnic.

Hope the couple has many memories and dates with this quilt.