Saturday Finds

It’s garage sale season.  Time to get out of the thrift stores and get some sunshine while out searching for treasures.  8am was awfully early but well worth the effort to get up at sunrise.

With a basement renovation and creative energy, I’m always on the hunt for great pieces.  Many of the bedroom makeover pieces were from thrift stores.

Found the mother load of vintage laces and trims at one sale.

Those drew me in, but here is the real find.

Not sure what projects these will be apart of, but I couldn’t pass them up.

After coming home and doing some grown up job overtime I heard something outside.  Myself and my neighbors went to investigate.  This is what we saw.

Do what?  Funeral?  Marching band?  Talked to a person with the group and turns out they are a drum core for the youth of a local church.  They were out in the neighborhood today to try and get some local interest.  Great.

Overall it was a pretty good Saturday.