Survived My First Craft Show

Saturday was the first craft show I had ever been a vendor at.  It was an interesting experience.  Much like Etsy, people like to stop, look, compliment you on your items, and then move on to the next shop.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Overall the show was slow and the only vendors that did well were the re-sellers.  Apparently these customers were more interested in something mass produced instead of something someone actually made. 

Most people noted that they too had made a quilt in their lifetime, they sew, or asked me how long I had been sewing.  You should have seen the looks on their faces when I said 10 years. 

For my first show it was a great learning experience and the push I needed to get my Etsy shop where I want it to be.  Good news considering I have some custom orders to be doing in the next couple of weeks.