Finally Finished

This quilt top has been with me for SOME time, pretty sure it’s been 2 years or more.  Why didn’t I finish it?  No clue.  The backing fabric has been there.  It wasn’t buried in my sewing room.

I was inspired one afternoon to just finish it.  I love the larger size and how soft the fabrics are.  These were prewashed before sewing with them.  Actually, these were some of the first fabrics I went to Jo-Anns to buy specifically for a quilt.  I do remember vividly picking out the fabrics and putting them together.


The back is just pieced with some the fabrics I had for the project.

The quilt is available in my Etsy store here.

Can’t wait for it to brighten up a little girl’s room.

My Favorite Gator Turns 2

Can’t believe that two years ago I was running around Central Florida picking up grandmas and going to the hospital to meet this new little person.  I remember the day his mom said she was pregnant…I admit, I cried with excitement.

One of my favorite memories with my favorite gator was when he was just a few weeks old and we went to visit.  He slept on my shoulder all afternoon.  Who doesn’t love a snuggly baby??

just a little guy

Well happy birthday my favorite gator.  Enjoy your new quilt and have lots of snuggles with it. 


 Riley Blake Alphabet Soup and Kona solids were used on the quilt.