Thrift store shopping

Hello NYC, so far you have been a great city. The pilot did make some sharp turns over your harbor and took two attempts to land, but I did enjoy the entire city from your aerial view.

To kill time yesterday I ventured into a thrift store in Brooklyn, Beacon’s Closet. There was a wonderful eclectic mix of styles and eras in this store. I was in awe of the peope there as well.

In the dress section I did stumble upon a wedding dress. It had lots of lace that could have easily been removed and used for other projects. I really thought about it, but it would have taken up most of my spare carry on.

I did get lots of ideas for patterns and color usage.

Now it is time to do something very New York…attend a Yankees game. Woohoo! That is full of sarcasm since baseball is not my favorite sport. Oh well, it is America’s pasttime and it’s patriotic.