Another Strip Quilt

Finally had a chance to use the Hoffman Colorsplash fabrics that had been in my stash for a bit.  I had been waiting for the right little girl to make her something special.  Why else would you hold to fabric for almost 2 years?

Upon completing the top, I realized it is was crooked.  I learned from my mistake, do not piece all the pieces together.  Do them in sections then piece the sections together.  After pinning, quilting and lots of little cuts to get the sides even, I am happy with the result.


Sam’s Strip Quilt #2

Well both baby boys named Sam have arrived.  Both are happy, healthy and have wonderful new quilts to lay on.

For this quilt I knew the nursery was a bit more muted in color.  I did struggle to find a print for a baby boy that would get me started.  Found a print and matched solids and other prints with it.  Took them home and started cutting.  I am hooked on strip quilts.  They are easy to cut, piece and get quilted all in a reasonable amount of time.  Plus one fabric doesn’t have to be the main focus point.

My coworkers were loving this quilt, they get sneak peeks before most stuff hits the blog, facebook or twitter.

Baby quilt madness has slowed just a bit, but more great things to come.