New Design Trends

Last week I went to go get my hair cut and while I was waiting for my wonderful stylist I noticed a design magazine.  Normally, I do not read this genre of magazines.  I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. 

The pictures were bright, detailed, and inspirational.  So what are the new trends?  Here is what I noted:

  • Gingham in both large & small prints
  • Yellow…more specifically a gold color
  • Scallop detail
  • Natural details as in stone colors
  • White as a crisp clean accent color
  • Curves, circles, rounded items
  • Pleats (my favorite)

I’m hoping to try and incorporate some of these into my next few projects.  It was a great inspiration and I need to get my hands on some more.  The picture below is my best google search attempt to throw most of the list above in a photo.