Birthday Month

December is a big month for birthdays around our house.  My mom’s is the 7th, both dogs are the 16th, then mine is the 17th.  Throw in a trip to NYC and mandatory OT at work and it makes for a busy month even before the holidays are added in.

She was not happy to have a birthday picture taken.
He was so happy to have his picture taken he kept rolling around on the carpet.

Growing up mom’s birthday was always the day we put up our Christmas tree.  During college one year I convinced my mom to not up the full tree and just put up lights in the shape of a tree.  We couldn’t stop laughing at it.

My birthday was the big 3-0 this year.  It was low key as I like my birthdays, especially since I am so close to the holidays.  Dinner and drinks with the rents and friends, some shopping with the hubby, and thrifting with my sewing girls.

We met for breakfast at a hole in the wall spot in Indy.  The server figured out it was my birthday and brought over the staff to sing to me.  Gospel style, amazing, then gave me a piece of chocolate cake. Here are some of the finds:

something about the print drew me in

loved the stripes. new spring wardrobe?

Thanks everyone for all of the birthday well wishes.  I had a great day.

Dekalb Market

Brooklyn strikes yet again with something that I love about NYC.  In my quest to support handmade, local, and just overall awesomeness I found the Dekalb Market.  Dear friends in Brooklyn, when we come visit, can we please go???  Of course they said yet.

It’s an amazing use of space for pop up shops.  Old cargo containers turned into something practical and actually looks pretty.

The market is open year round.  It would be great if we could support something like this in Indianapolis.  We have wonderful stores that promote local artists, but it would be great for artists to have a place to support themselves.

Check it out next time you are around Brooklyn.

Lotta fun

Saturday I convinced my husband and friends to visit yet another fabric place in NYC.  I couldn’t have been happier that they obliged and we make the trek prior to a wonderful dinner with friends.  Where to?  Off to Lotta Jansdotter‘s wonderful studio.

I walked in and she was there.  She was so personable showed me what she had been working on the for day.  I was giddy.  This was the first time I have met a fabric designer and someone that has inspired my creations.  She did tell me she is working on a new fabric line.  I’m still drooling over Echo, not sure my fabric budget is ready for more.

Can’t wait to design and use the fabrics that I bought for something for hubby and I.  What a great way to celebrate our NYC trip and our Christmas gift.

I did pick up a little something while I was there.  The fabrics in this package will be used for something that does actually leave the house.

Where were these prints???

I really wish I would have seen these prints prior to putting together my Julie Strip Quilt.  They would have gone perfectly. 






These are from Dear Stella and can be found at Hawthorne Threads

The fabrics I chose are great but my gut tells me these would have been better.  I haven’t been super happy with this quilt since I started sewing.  By Friday you should get to see the finished product and a smile on my face.

Antiques in Upstate NY

Antiques are something that my hubby isn’t really into.  On our way up to a friend’s house on Lake Sacandaga we saw this little store.  We passed it but turned around and went in for a visit.

First room we walked into was all clothing, including some wonderful wedding dresses.  If my list of to-dos wasn’t a page long, one of these would have come home with me.  The lace details and beading really drew me in.

This random little place in Upstate NY had a great selection of clothing as well.  Here is a sneak peek of the lovely headpieces they had in their collection.

I have a thing for vintage jewelry.  In my collection are quite a few pins, necklaces, bracelets and some rings.  This store had a wonderful assortment.

Hubby did find a Saratoga bobble head that he had to have.  While he was looking at his prized possession I was admiring their vintage quilts, tablerunners and napkins. They had an entire quilt top made out of yo-yos.  I was completely impressed.  However, having been to New York in winter and seen the weather, let’s just say someone had time on their hands.  Being at this store gave me some ideas of how to create my vintage modern piece for IMQG in October.