New Sewing & Storage Space

Getting a new sewing space has been months in the making.  There was one thing really standing in the way of it getting done…football season.  August – January at my home is consumed with football.  Sundays we host football for our 15-20 friends to come over and watch all their favorite teams.  Leaves very little room for construction projects elsewhere in the house.

After the SuperBowl we decided it was time to start on converting this three season room on the back of the house.  With the promise of pizza and beer our football friends trekked over and lent their Sunday afternoon to helping.


Old Storage Space


Outside of Old Space

While the boys worked outside, the girls worked inside to pack up my fabric stash, move my sewing tables, and start with the new set up on our enclosed front porch.  This was such a great space when I bought the house but we really had not put it to use.  I love all of the natural lighting the room has.

New Sewing Space
Just a bit disorganized right now.
New Sewing Space
Side by side sewing machines.

The last couple of weeks my hubby has worked on the back room when he has had time and light.  Note to self:  this room needs a light ASAP.  I would have loved to have done a crazy color on the walls, but if we ever go to sell the room can be marketed as a pantry or something like that.

New Storage Space

The floors coordinate pretty well with the rest of house.  Need something that works well and relatively inexpensive?  Vinyl plank.  We are all about it.  These ceilings are in both of the new spaces.  Such a nice touch.

Wooden Ceiling


New Storage Space
We put everything in there, just need to organize. Of course.


My wonderful mom is coming to stay last weekend and our main project was getting everything set back up.  Fabric sorted, organized and ready for use was the plan.  When packing up my current stash, she was amazed at the amount I had and was ready to ground me from buying anything new.

Instead we organized the nursery and got everything ready for little man.

Check back on Facebook this weekend for updated photos.