Newest Member of Quiltytherapy

Three years ago I replaced my old Kenmore sewing machine with something more “advanced”, a Brother C6000i.  I say “advanced” because it is computerized and could do about 73 more stitches than my previous machine.  Plus, it wasn’t giving me massive tension headaches every time I would sew.

It’s been a work horse and has produced all of the quilts, potholders, etc that have been seen over the last few years on the blog.  However, recently it was just not doing what I really wanted/needed it to do for my business goals.  The search for machines began even though I wasn’t quite sure what I really wanted/needed next.

I asked for feedback from the Indy Modern Quilt Guild and team members on Etsy.  Many people recommended that Janome 6600.  Off to the burbs I went to check out the machine.

The machine was great and offered features that could only help me, like small lettering and not having to buy and embroidery machine.  There were no downfalls to the machine.  I just wasn’t completely convinced it was right for me.

I stopped one more place to look at Pfaff and Babylock.  Well the Babylock was out of the budget and off the list pretty quickly.  There was another machine I liked, but still not convinced it was right for me.

Saturday before the Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting I dropped hubby off at the brewery to work and I drove to the other end of the burbs.  Something had told me to check this place out first because I really like Brother machines.  I walked in and started looking at machines.  Of course the machine I had been researching wasn’t in stock because they recently sold the last one.  I didn’t see the machine or sew on it but I knew it was right for me.

Welcome the Brother PQ-1500S to quiltytherapy.

Straight stitch, all metal and best of all, no computer.  Honestly having a computer in a machine kinda scares me for an investment piece.  I don’t want to spend a ton of money in 6 years, after the 5 year warranty runs out to have things repaired to even turn on my machine.

I’m calling this morning to put a deposit down and then the wait begins until they call and say it’s here.  Until then I’m working on my giant list of quilts due by August and holding off on potholders.

News Thread 9.15

Okay we are half way through the month of September.  So far I have avoided purchasing any fabric.  15 MORE DAYS!!!!  I can do this. 

The Holidays are really coming up quickly.  Today has been more of a maintenance day.  I took my machine apart and really worked to get the lint out, replace needles, and clean my area.  BTW…be warned if you Google images of LINT.  This was the best representation of what was inside my machine. 

There will be a sewing marathon on Saturday.  I wanted to be as ready as possible.  Here is a list of what I will be working on:

  • Moda Fruitcake potholders
  • Getting quilting designs on two quilts I have ready to go
  • Complete the top to a baby/signature quilt

The next two weekends are really busy and my first show is October 16th.